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Excitement at Greta , Guard Dowsett's Statement , The Murder of Aaron Sherritt , The Tragedy at Sebastopol,

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The Government will probably appoint a board to decide how the reward of £8000 for the capture of the gang shall be distributed. In as much as half of that amount has been offered by the New South Wales Ministry, the Premier of that colony will be asked to concur in the proposal, and to express his views as to the composition of the board. It is understood that £2000 of the New South Wales reward was subscribed by the banking institutions of that colony, the Government promising the remainder.

Superintendent Hare was removed from Richmond yesterday afternoon and he left the Spencer street station for Sunbury at twenty five minutes to four. He will remain the guest of Mr W J Clarke and will be visited each day by Dr Charles Ryan. Yesterday he was much improved and sanguine hopes are entertained of his speedy recovery from the dangerous effects of his wound.

Mr Curnow, who was the school master at Glenrowan and through whose instrumentality the special train which was on its way to Beechworth on Saturday night was saved from being wrecked, arrived in Melbourne yesterday from Benalla at two o'clock. He proceeded at once to the Government offices and reported himself first to Captain Standish, Chief Commissioner of Police, and afterwards waited upon the Chief Secretary. Mr Ramsay told him that from what he had heard from Captain Standish and Superintendent Hare he had no doubt but that he had acted in a courageous and most meritorious manner, in as much as, at considerable risk to his life, and consequently danger to his family, he prevented an occurrence the immediate result of which would have been a terrible sacrifice of life. Mr Ramsay added that the Government was certainly prepared to make some substantial recognition of the services which he had rendered. Mr Curnow has been granted a week's leave of absence, and in the meantime the Government will consider as to what shall be his future sphere of duty.

During Tuesday night it was reported the outlaw slept well. He was carefully watched by a warder and some other prisoners, and yesterday he was visited by Dr Shields, although he continues to suffer very great plain from his wounds he is progressing favourably, and he is thought to be out of danger.

The Government have not yet decided as to the mode in which he is to be tried, but the law prescribes that he shall be arraigned in the bailiwick in which the crimes with which he will be charged were committed. Beechworth is the only town in that district in which the Supreme Court sits, but as the criminal assizes do not commence there until October, it is probable that an application will be made for a change of venue in order that he may be tried at an earlier date in Melbourne. In consequences of the excitement in Benalla and other places in the North-eastern district not having yet subsided, it is not considered judicious that the police who were sent there lately should be at once withdrawn. The Commissioner has decided that they shall be recalled in detachments, and in a few days the r-distribution of the force will be proceeded with.




Benalla, 11.10am

I am going to Greta for inquest on charred bodies. The police there evidently, expect to meet with resistance from the friends, Dick Hart brother of the bushranger, made use of threatening language to police last night, and said- 'We have got the bodies now and we intend to stick to them.' The friends have been purchasing a considerable quantity of liquor, and many of them have been drinking to excess since the fight. Benalla 3.40 am 'The intention is to hold an inquest on the charred bodies of Hart and Dan Kelly has been abandoned. A number of police, armed were sent to Greta to take possession of the bodies, but they were stopped at Glenrowan where an intimation was received that the police magistrates in Wangaratta did not deem the inquiry necessary. The bodies will therefore be interned by the relatives of the criminals in the Greta Cemetery to day. Considering the hostile position taken by the friends, it is thought that the police should have taken the bodies from them. Byrnes body was buried secretly last night. There is no truth in the rumor that Steele has been shot.

Wangaratta, 30 June Mr Tone, JP, held a magisterial inquiry at the hospital today on the body of John Jones and found that the boy was accidentally shot. The inquiry on the bodies of Hart and Dan Kelly was not held. Mr Bickerton, with Mr Ell to act as clerk, was in readiness to start at nine am., as appointed, when it turned but that police had not provided a conveyance, and that they could not procure one in the town. After some delay Superintendent Sadleir telegraphed to get a magisterial certificate authorising the burial of the bodies. This was obtained from Mr Tone and sent out to Greta, and the funeral proceeded.


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