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"The feeling in the North-Eastern district that another gang of bushrangers is likely to break out before long is increasing, and the Acting Chief Commissioner of Police, under the advice of his officers stationed in that district, has taken the necessary steps to strengthen the force in the north-east, but at the same time it is generally admitted that the force will be in a worse position than before to effect the capture of any future gang, because of the diffidently that will be experienced to secure the services of any reliable and competent secret agents. The men who have been in the employ of the police heretofore have declined to act longer, because of they feel that their acts in the past have been made known by the publication of the evidence taken before the police commission.

Many of them have already left the district, dreading violence from the sympathizers of the late Kelly gang. It was at first thought that the fate of the outlaws would deter others from following their example, but about three months ago the police at Benalla received secret information that a gang was in course of formation in the neighborhood of Greta. This was at first considered to be the result of empty boasts on the part of certain lawless inhabitants of the district, but more recently information has been received which has evidently caused the authorities to think it necessary to be prepared for any emergency. The number of police in the district has been very considerably reduced, the men having been sent to do duty in Melbourne during the Exhibition, but now it has been determined to strengthen the various stations on the North-Eastern line, and to establish other stations where it is considered desirable.

It was rumored in Benalla on Monday that four valuable horses had been stolen from a farm close to Benalla, but there does not appear to be any real foundation for the rumor. The black trackers at present stationed in Benalla are believed by the authorities to be better men than their predecessors."

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