The Alexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express at KellyGang 30/3/1878

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(full text transcription)

Telephone experiments continue to be conducted throughout the colony. On Saturday evening (says the Ovens and Murray Advertiser) souse exceedingly interesting experiments were made with the telephone in the Beechworth telegraph office, and were attended with complete success. We have often heard of the wonders of the telephone and on Saturday had a practical illustration of the marvels which can be achieved by science. With Mr Scott, we held conversations with Mr M'Gaurin, of Albury, and Mr Cheyne, of Wodonga, and could talk with and receive answers from each as easily, as distinctly, and as rapidly as if we were holding converse with them face to face. Each word was clear, and there was not the slightest difficulty.

It was rather a novel sensation standing in Beechworth office, and being able to talk by word of mouth with a person thirty miles away, but so it was, the sound being transmitted instantaneously. A violin was played in the Wodonga office, and every note of the air, "Ring the Bell, Watchman," and a waltz tune, could be distinctly heard; in Beechworth a flute was played and equally well heard at the other end. A change in the voice could be at once detected, and the whole of the experiments were success fully demonstrated a proof of the wonders of electricity. It is contemplated to pursue the experiments further, as we are convinced the new invention is capable of almost unlimited improvement.

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