The Argus at KellyGang 1/2/1879

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BENALLA. Friday, 10 PM

Great excitement was caused in Euroa on Wednesday evening by the sound of three shots fired in rapid succession in the vicinity of the bank. It was at once thought that the Kelly gang had made another attack on the bank, and a rush was made for the spot. The men of the defence force turned out very smartly, fully armed. As it happened Superintendent Hare was sitting in the bank with Mr Scott, the manager, and upon hearing the shots both gentlemen at once went outside when they saw that the sentry on duty, a member of the defence force had his revolver pointed in the direction of some trees near the bank. In reply to questions he stated that a shot had been fired at him from one of the trees, which he pointed out and he had fired two shots in return, thinking that he saw the man who fired at him. Orders were given for an armed party to make ready to scour the scrub in the vicinity of the township, but Mr Hare in the meantime took the sentry's revolver in his hand and found three of the chambers had been recently discharged. It then became evident that the sentry had raised a false alarm and as it was also apparent that he had been drinking, he was at once placed under arrest. He will be further dealt with by the authorities.

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