The Argus at KellyGang 11/12/1878

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From the telegrams which we publish this morning it is evident that the outlined Kellys have, until the last day or two never left their fastnesses in the mountains in the vicinity of Mansfield.They are now heard of as having committed a daring and extraordinary outrage at Euroa. In broad daylight early yesterday afternoon they stuck up the National Bank in the township in question which is situated on the North-Eastern railway line, 93 miles from Melbourne between Longwood and Violet Town and coolly deported not only the manager but his family, the clerks and servants in two vehicles to a neighboring station, where they had at one lime no less than 20 persons bailed up. One of the Kellys seems to have openly stalked about the township, and actually to have dined at the public hotel. There appears to have been no police at Euroa, and the force in the neighbouring townships were ignorant altogether of what was going on. The Kellys when last seen were making for Violet Town.






The telegraph wires were cut to-day three miles from here. The National Bank was robbed, and the manager, his family, clerks, and servants taken away at half-past 4 p.m.

They were driven in two vehicles by the Kellys, to Mr Younghusband's at Faithfull's Creek Station, and they locked up, with about 20 others, until 11 pm , when they were all liberated without injury.

The Kellys stuck up Faithfull's Creek Station about 2 p.m. yesterday, and have been about the vicinity since. One of them dined at De Boos's Hotel to-day.They brought in a vehicle belonging to Gloster, a hawker, for the purpose of removing the occupants of the bank.They are supposed to have gone in the direction of Violet Town .


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