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In some of these areas, therefore, there has been settlement of a bona fide character, and applicants for small allotments keep dropping in, time after time, at the land offices. Warrambut is the most northern of these mountain areas. It lies on the Broken River, on the main road from Benalla to Mansfield. The good land was picked up by bona fide selectors in small allotments, and they are cultivating to a gratifying extent. There had been previous selections under the system which the Amending Act superseded, and these settlers followed the example set them elsewhere, of increasing their possessions when the opportunity was given to them. About one-half of the area, the land being inferior, was left unselected, and the department has been requested to proclaim it open for commonage. Doolam lies to the south, the station being that of Mr Wilson, Geelong. The land is considered good for grazing purposes. No mediums were employed, and the bona fide applicants took up only a few allotments, the rest of the area being left unselected.

The area of Brankeet also embraces land held by Mr Wilson, and lately by Mr Kelsall. It also is good pastoral land. Only about ten bona fide people appeared, who took up lots varying from sixty to 500 acres. All the rest remains as it was. About half the area of Eildon, behind Mount Enterprise, on the Goulburn, was taken up by bona fides, ten of whom selected from sixty-five to 500 acres each. The remainder is still open. Almost the same statement may be made as regards Thornton, which lies at the foot of the Sugar-loaf. In Wappan there are not more than five or six settlers, and two persons hold land under certificates. Three mediums made selections, but were discovered and discarded. One-third of Howqua was left unproclaimed; and in the other portion of the area there are fourteen settlers at work, on lands ranging from eighty to 230 acres in extent. The good land-along the Delatite River -was so limited in extent that it has all been selected, and the remainder is fit only for sheep or cattle. The pastoral tenants - Dr Rowe and Mr Chinery - secured under the Nicholson and Duffy Acts the greater part of tho area of Delatite, on the river of that name, and west of the Blue Range . About one-half of that which was proclaimed was selected by bona fide men.

Amongst those who were called in the lottery were Dr Rowe and Mr Chinery, who both selected on their own account. The latter has since made a second selection of 620 acres, a year having expired since his first choice. These lots were contiguous to his purchased land, of which he has some 10,000 acres; Dr Bowe having 20,000 in one block. Mansfield area had also been secured under the acts of 1860 and 1862, only some inferior land having been left. On it three small bona fidé occupants pitched their tents, and what they did not occupy still lies unselected. Darlingford, the area nearest to Jamieson, is mainly composed of a few small bends of the Goulburn, where the soil is really good. It was taken by persons who have since been cultivating for the supply of the Jamieson market. A portion of the area, in the parish of Howqua, is still at the choice of intending investors, but it is rangy and inferior country. Of Whanregarwen area, near Molesworth, the best portion was withdrawn, and the remainder was selected by the pastoral tenant.

In Murrindindi there are some bona fide settlers, who look to the market at Yea. Mr Taylor, solicitor, of the city, has made selections here under certificates, and is fencing in his holding. The area of Yarck lies between Merton and Mount Concord, on the stations of Messrs William and James Bon, and Mr James Aitken - the latter a near relation of the Minister of Lands. Here the best part of the country was with- drawn. It lay in the centre of the runs. On the Home Creek, running into the Goulburn, there is also good land, and on it some five bona fide cultivators are to be found. A selection was made by one of the Messrs Bon, whose card tamed up in the ballot-box. Three large blocks were selected by mediums, and disallowed when reported.


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