The Argus at KellyGang 13/2/1879

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This morning the town is quiet; all the strangers have cleared out much to the relief of the townspeople. Great indignation is expressed at the non-arrival of additional police. The following additional particulars have been gleaned in connexion with the Kelly outrages here:- A short time after Messrs Rankin, Hardin, and Gill into the bank on business, Kelly jumped out of another room with a revolver in each hand. The sudden start given to them took away their senses for the time being; they made a rush, and Gill who was only half a yard from the door was out in an instant, closely followed by Hardin and Rankin. The latter fell at the door, when Kelly, who had jumped over the counter caught Rankin by the collar, at the same time raising his revolver at Hardin, and was going to fire when Hardin got into his shop which is next door to the bank. Kelly was much annoyed at Hardin and Gill running away, and threatened to shoot Rankin unless he could find the other two. Rankin asked Kelly, "Why do you want to shoot me?" Kelly replied, "Because you wanted to take me or words to that effect. Rankin said he did not; he only entered the bank on business. Rankin then went with Kelly, and secured Hardin. Kelly asked, "Why did you run away?" Hardin replied, "The sight of you with two revolvers so unexpectedly was enough to make any man run." Hardin was then put with the rest, while Rankin and Kelly went in search for Gill, who could not be found.

The reason Gill ran away was that he was surprised at being met in the manner described above. He had no time to think and acted on the first impulse. Having once got outside and clear, Gill thought it was prudent to remain away, as he knew the Kellys would be annoyed at his running away. Had Gill known that Kelly wanted him to stand he would have done so. After this a terrible scene ensued. Kelly threatened to shoot Rankin and told him to come in the passage, and stand aside three places, when he would have him shot. The others then pleaded for Rankin, who conducted himself under such trying circumstances with remarkable coolness, and exhibited no signs of fear. Kelly then calmed down, and had Rankin removed from his perilous position, much to the relief and comfort of those present. Hart wanted to know where Curtain the auctioneer, was, as he wanted to shoot him. Hart said he came with the intention of shooting him, and that they would have shot Devine and Richards had it not been for Mrs. Devine pleading for them. Fortunately, Curtain had left early on Monday morning for Urana, and did not return until six in the evening. Kelly said he was sorry he had not seen the printer. He wanted him very particularly to print some bills. Kelly did not want him to do it for nothing; he would pay him for it. About 2 o'clock Byrne galloped over to the telegraph office.


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