The Argus at KellyGang 14/1/1879

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(full text transcription)

No authentic news of the Mansfield murderers has been received in town during the last few days, although sensational rumours continue to be abundant. One of the last reports-vis, that two of the gang had paid another visit to Mr Younghusband's station -is discredited by direct information from the spot.



The "Kelly scare" in Bullarook turns out what most persons not utterly benefit of common sense thought would prove to be the case-another complete fiasco. Some half-witted Bullarookite, it seems, saw or thought he saw two armed men, literally belted round with rifles, revolvers, and other weapons, taking a midnight ride through the gum tree glades. The description of the horsemen of course tallied exactly with that given in the papers of Ned Kelly and Steve Hart, and a pretty flutter of excitement the report created at the Lydiard street police camp. Off went the troopers, sworn to secrecy. The inspector wisely knew nothing when interviewed by the reporters, and the sergeant looked knowing, shook his head, and allowed everyone connected with the press to form his own conclusions as to what was going on. The troopers have got home again safe, and with whole skins. They interviewed the scared denizen of the forest, fed sumptuously on fresh fruit and vegetables, for which the district is famous, and found the forest beer rather palatable than otherwise, but they did not obtain the faintest clue to the whereabouts, or the probability of the presence in or passage through Bullarook, of the gang.

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