The Argus at KellyGang 16/10/1879

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(full text transcription)

Rumours were current in town yesterday to the effect that important information had been received by the police with regard to the movements of the Kelly gang. The statement is not officially confirmed, and beyond the intelligence contained in the telegram of our Benalla correspondent nothing appears to be known.




BENALLA, Wednesday

The Kelly sympathisers have paid sundry visits to Benalla during the week, and they are sometimes about in twos and threes. Kellys cousins were here to day. The missing of two or three horses recently from the neighbourhood of Greta gave rise to suspicions as two of the horses are known to be valuable ones. I also hear that the Garrison Corps are on the move, but their intentions are kept very secret.


The first telegraphic message transmitted by telegraph direct to Shepparton was sent yesterday by the Chief Secretary to the president of the Shepparton Shire congratulating the inhabitants on the extension of the wire and stating that he hoped railway transit would promptly follow. The operator arrived yesterday, and commenced duty to day in a temporary place opposite the site of the station. The inhabitants are greatly pleased, as the want of telegraphic communication was severely felt.

The second ordinary sitting of the new Shepparton Shire Council took place yesterday, the most important business transacted being the ratification of an agreement between the Echuca Shire Council and itself, by which a costly and complicated action at law has been stopped. The subject in dispute was the Shepparton Shire Hall, which the Echuca Shire Council closed immediately upon the new shire being proclaimed but shortly after certain ratepayers in Shepparton regained possession by force, which this council endorsed at its first sitting-hence the action. This council now agrees to withdraw all claim for an adjustment of accounts between the two bodies, and pays the Echuca Shire Council £600 and law costs. In return, this council will keep the hall and furniture, a transfer of the deeds being guaranteed.

The Rivers Goulburn and Broken River are nearly bank high stopping the work on the railway bridge at Mooroopna. The contractors of the line expect to have the rails laid as far as Toolamba in a fortnight. The weather is moat beautiful, and the late rains have, it is estimated, added five bushels acre to the yield, should no unforeseen calamity occur. Commercial feeling is wonderfully improved since the last month, which is due entirely to the late rain and the probable early completion of the railway. The crops are fine and well advanced.

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