The Argus at KellyGang 17/4/1878

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(full text transcription)

Several members of a notorious family of the name of Kelly and a kindred spirit named William Skillion have committed a serious outrage upon Constable Fitzpatrick at Greta, near Benalla.

According to the information which has reached Melbourne, the constable went to the- Kellys' house for the purpose of apprehending one of the sons for horse stealing. He found the accused at home and placed him under arrest, but allowed him to have something to eat before marching him off to the local watch house. Whilst the prisoner was regaling himself, a brother, his mother, and Skillian entered. The brother fired at the constable with a revolver, but missed, and the mother struck the policeman on the helmet with a shovel. Whilst the constable was defending his head with his arm from another blow by the mother with the shovel, the brother again fired and shot him in the wrist. Skillian also presented a revolver at him. Fitzpatrick was then overpowered and disarmed of his own revolver, but eventually made his escape. His injuries are said to be not dangerous.- Warrants will be issued for the arrest of the offenders, but it was found yesterday that they had dis appeared. The Kellys were intimately connected with Power, the bushranger.

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