The Argus at KellyGang 18/6/1879

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(full text transcription)

Tho rumours that have been circulated with retard to the visit to Melbourne of certain female connexions of the Kelly gang are, as has already been stated, based upon a foundation of a very slight nature, and there is very little doubt but that their appear ance was merely a ruse to draw off the attention of the police from a really important move which was to he made.

As a matter of fact, the authoities were, however on the qui vive, and the real object of the movement was soon detected. Although it was injudicious at the time to mention the actual state of affairs, it can now be done without any fear of the movements of the police being thwarted. It would appear that the gang have recently run short of arms and ammunition, and two of their sympatlisers were despatched to Melbourne to purchase a fresh supply. The men, who were closeld watched, purchased what was required, and have now returned to the bush to furnish tho gang with the material they so greatly need. They are well known to the detectives, however, and warrants have been issued by the Melbourne Bench for their apprehension, and probably m the course of a few days something important in connexion with the affair will transpire.

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