The Argus at KellyGang 2/4/1879

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(full text transcription)

Some friend of the Kelly gang has had the hardihood to address another threatening letter to Mr EDWARD MONK, of Wombat, who gave assistance in the discovery of the bodies of the murdered policemen at Mansfield, and in searching for KENNEDY when his fate was yet uncertain. So far from the conviction of the first offender, LYNCH, having operated as a warning to his fellows, it has led to a renewal of the threats for which LYNCH is now undergoing punishment. The sending of this second letter justifies the uncompromising treatment which the Kelly sympathisers have received, showing, as it does, not only friendship with crime, but a pertinacious hostility to the law, which only the sternest measures will be able to subdue.

The writer of the second letter is even more culpable than the sender of the first. LYNCH endeavoured to frighten a warm-hearted citizen who had offered succour to the police, and at the same time to intimidate others from performing a similar duty if the opportunity should come in their way. The attempt is now renewed, and the offence is made so much the graver that it is committed in direct defiance of the law as declared in the judgment pasted upon LYNCH. The purpose in view is doubtless to create the impression that no matter what the courts may order or the police execute, private vengeance shall overtake those who may venture to assist directly or indirectly in the capture of the scoundrels whose deeds of blood have horrified and increased the whole community. If society is to be kept together at all, it is absolutely necessary that terrorism of this kind should be put down, and swift punishment should, therefore, follow upon such outrages as Mr MONK has suffered. It is important, therefore, that the writer of the infamous epistle should be discovered, and we trust that no effort will be spared in detecting him and bringing him to justice. As to the gentleman who has been the object of these cowardly and vindictive attacks, he has the sympathy and approval of the entire community. His courage and public spirit have been conspicuous all through, and he deserves hearty thanks for the good example he has set.  

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