The Argus at KellyGang 20/11/1879

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(full text transcription)

The following gossip about the Kelly gang is from the Bendigo Advertiser -"About six weeks ago a miner, formerly a resident of Sandhurst was travelling overland from Queensland to this colony. In passing through Wagga he noticed some persons in the bush whom he suspected to be the Kelly gang of bushrangers. He took no further notice of the matter, however, until he arrived at Beechworth. While camped close to the latter place with two other travellers who had joined him on the way they were accosted by two men. One of the men said to the miner, "I know you," and asked him if he recollected him. Our digging friend, although convinced in his own mind that he was speaking to Ned Kelly, the notorious outlaw, returned a negative answer, as he deemed it the most prudent course to adopt. After some further conversation the strangers asked the other men who were accompanying the digger if they possessed a boot with nails in it. To this peculiar question an affirmative answer was given, and two boots were produced, which were handed over to the strangers. The boots were immediately returned, with a £5 note in each. The two men, who were on foot, then departed, and no more was seen of them. The miner referred to has since the occurrence been in Sandhurst, but has not made publicly known the facts of the case as stated above. He is confident that it was Ned Kelly who visited them, but he did not know the man who was with him. He further states that he was acquainted with Ned Kelly when the latter had dealings with horses in Sandhurst. The above details are given as related to us, and must be taken for what they are worth, al though there appears to be no reason why they should be doubted."

A copy of the petition presented to the Chief Secretary by the shire council of Mansfield on behalf of the widow of the late Sergeant Kennedy was laid before Parliament yesterday. The Police Board offered Mrs Kennedy a certain annual allowance which the petitioners consider, under the special circumstances of the case, insufficient. They submit that the provision to be made for the widow should be such as would leave her no room for special grief on account of its in- adequacy and that it should at least secure to her a position equal to that which she enjoyed during her husband's lifetime. The emoluments, of the late Sergeant Kennedy amounted to £209 7s. 6d. per annum.

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