The Argus at KellyGang 26/11/1878

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There was considerable excitement in Mansfield last night, just as the people were going to church, occasioned by the freaks and threats of Wild Wright, a relative of the Kellys. A body of police, numbering about 13, including a black tracker, had just arrived, and some of them were standing at the corner of the street. Wright called them dogs, curs, and many other opprobrious names. He told them to follow him, and he would lead them to the Kellys, as he was going to join the   gang. He was mounted on a good horse, and   just keeping a short distance between him- self and the police, he then asked the police to come out in the bush with him a little way and he would pot them. Four of the police made towards Wright, but he rode away out of their reach, and still threatened them if they would come a little distance out of the town. He said, " All the — police in Mansfield can't take me."

Sub-Inspector Pewtress then ordered two troopers to mount and arrest him. They pursued him for about two miles, but Wright was too well mounted, and gave the troopers the slip on the Benalla road. This morning Mr. Pewtress has sent a constable with a summons to Wright's house for him to appear for using threatening language. It is to be hoped he will not be let off as easy as he was last time.    

This afternoon and evening the police are busy making preparations for another start with the black tracker, but where they are going it is not advisable to reveal. That they have good and certain indications is beyond all doubt, but to mention their movements at this moment would be inadvisable.   

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