The Argus at KellyGang 26/7/1879

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The latest news reported here regarding the kelllys is to the effect that Ned Kelly has been laid up through severe illness, from which he has not yet recovered, thus accounting for the long silence of the gang, as it is generally known that without the leader no daring movement would be attempted. There have been frequent reports lately that some of the gang have been seen at various times, but there is nothing definite. Regarding Ned Kelly, it is rumoured that he is being nursed by some members of the family, but evidently so well concealed that the police have not discovered his whereabouts. It seems remarkable that information of such an im portant and (probably) reliable nature should never reach the ears of the police or if so, that no action is taken to ascertain its correctness. John Blum, the man who gave his evidence at the Monk lnquiry, and stated that Dan Kelly came to his house early in May advertises in the Mansfield Guardian that his statement was perfectly true, and that he gave the information to Mr Sub-inspector Toohey, who might have captured the bush rangers if he had desired Blum also states that the police made an attempt to follow the bushrangers, but that they lost their horses, and that there has been no proof that these horses have been recovered. Blum considers himself justified in claiming a reward from the Government, but declines making any de mand although he feels convinced the police had a splendid opportunity on that occasion of capturing Dan Kelly and his companion at least.

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