The Argus at KellyGang 4/10/1879

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Some excitement was caused in the town this afternoon by the news that Mounted constable Monks had been shot while atempting to arrest a man chained with stealing saddles and grass seeds at Clunes. Monks had been looking for the man since morning, and about 12 o'clock met him driving in a waggon, with a boy on horseback accompanying him, on the back tracks near the Pyrenees. The constable stopped them, and was examining the saddle on the boy's horse, when the man called out, "Bail up," and the constable found a revolver pointed to his face. He struck it down with his whip, and at the same instant it exploded, and the bullet went into the constable's thigh. The man took another aim, but the constable dodged behind a tree and fired in return, but missed, as the man got behind the waggon. The constable kept him bailed up in this position for an hour, when a boy passed, and he sent him into Avoca for assistance. A farmer also came along, and Monks asked his assistance, but the man presented a revolver at him and the farmer bolted. The man then made a run for it, dodging from tree to tree, and firing again at the constable, who followed him for four miles, when he had to give up the pursuit on account of his wound and loss of blood. The man fired twice, and the constable four times, while bailed up at the waggon. The man said the police should not take him alive, and that he had plenty of ammunition, and would be as bad as the Kellys. Constable Monks was brought in this afternoon by Constables Shanklin and Young, who are going out again to look for the man, whose name is unknown. The bullet triavelled to the back of the constable's thigh, and is not yet extracted.

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