The Argus at KellyGang 5/4/79

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(full text transcription)

Another threatening letter:



MANSFIELD , Friday Night.

Late tonight Mr E Monk received an other threatening letter. It was written on a page and a half of note paper in a clear bold hand and bearing a Melbourne post- mark.

The letter commences by calling Mr Monk most abusive and tile names. The writer threatens that he will follow and track Mr Monk with a revolver and that he   may expect him in Mansfield shortly. The writer says his motive for doing this is because Monk has turned against the Kellys. The letter abounds in the vilest and filthiest expressions but is written in a good hand, grammatically, and correctly spelt.

 ! The text has been retyped from a microfiche copy of the original.

We have taken care to reproduce this document but areas of the original text may been damaged.

We also apologise for any typographical errors.