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The latest intelligence respecting the bushrangers does not agree very well with previous reports. According to a telegram from our special reporter, despatched from Wangaratta at a quarter past 11 o’clock last night, the police believe that the gang are still in the neighbourhood of the Murray . Fresh traces of them were found on Monday, showing that they had endeavoured to cross the river, but had been baffled. The information previously given by the man Margery led to the arrest by Superintendent Nicolson and his force of a party of four horsemen, one of them possessing a singular resemblance to Kelly, but they were found to be shearers, and were set at liberty.





A special party of men who have been in reserve for several days have just been ordered up the line. It is the impression of the police that the Kellys are still in the ranges north-east of this place. It has been ascertained that they have endeavoured to pass themselves off as police, with the assistance of the handcuffs and revolvers they got at the Wombat, but their youth and looks ought to be against them.

One of Strahan’s party arrived from Mansfield to-day. They worked the ranges from the Wombat to the head of the west branch of the King, going along the top of the range. They were out for four days, and had a good deal of wet weather, but Saturday was fine, and they got an extensive view of the valley of the King from the high ground. The tracks seen were not recent, and doubtless were left by horsemen connected with stations beyond Mansfield . On one night they stopped at an old hut on the Wombat range. They crossed the blazed track from Mansfield to Glenmore, but did not descend to Quinn’s old haunts. News was circulated in Benalla yesterday to the affect that the Kellys had stuck up a store on the King River, between Glenmore and Whitfield. The statement was found to be correct, but the occurrence took place three weeks ago. The owner of the store tried to shut Kelly out, but at night the marauder forced a road in, and told him that if he ever barricaded his doors in that way again he would be shot. The man was so frightened at the threats he heard that he made no complaint to the police, and his relatives only mentioned the matter privately in the course of a visit to Benalla yesterday, so for his sake the name of the locality must be withheld. This will show how effectively the scattered settlements have been held in terror. To show how extensive the Kelly connexion is, it may be mentioned that scarcely a day passes that we do not hear that some relative has been in Benalla.

Isaiah Wright was brought up at Mansfield to-day and discharged, the police not pressing their complaint against him.  


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