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KellyGang in NSW

From our Benalla and Wangaratta correspondents we learn that further arrests have been made under the Outlawry Act. The movements of the Kelly gang do not appear to be known, but we are informed by our correspondent that the following telegram was received yesterday at Sydney from Hay - We have authentic information that four persons, riding well appointed shod horses, with two swag horses crossed the Murrumbidgee at Tubbo last Thursday morning. They stole the punt to cross Mr Dick, of Benerembah, says two of them answer the description of Stephen Hart and Dan Kelly. Within an hour they were 12 miles on the way to Connapara Station, well known to Hart. The police are on their track." This must be taken for what it is worth. The report is not at all a probable one.





It is evident now that the police authorities are determined to enforce the provisions of the Outlawry Act, and to arrest every person known to be sympathisers with the outlaws. Yesterday afternoon three more men were arrested at Hedi, which is about 25 miles from Greta, towards the head of the King River, and has long been known as a stronghold of the gang. The names of the men arrested were John Quinn, a brother of James Quinn, who was arrested here on Saturday after having been only about one month out of gaol, and two named Strickland. They were all taken to Wangaratta and, following the usual course adopted, were remanded to Beechworth Gaol for eight days.



Under the Outlawry Act two brothers named Clancey, arrested at South Wangaratta, were brought up on Saturday and remanded for a week, and to-day John Quinn, Richard Woods, and William Woods alias Strickland, arrested at Hedi, were remanded till Saturday. The Perkins arrested at Mansfield was landlord of the Rubicon Hotel at Wangaratta two years ago.



Sir, - Will you permit me to reply to your correspondent, "An Old Friend of the Force," as one who is no enemy to them, but who has and does disapprove of the management of the police and detective force. 1. If the force had been under good management the word "larrikin," or the number of young offenders termed "larrikins," would have never been heard or known of. As proof thereto:

I point out to you Kew, Prahran, and Williamstown as three model police stations conducted by non-commissioned officers who never permitted that system to grow in their respective districts.

2. It is not a fact that the constables are afraid to do their duty in cases of horse and cattle stealers, in consequence of a political J.P. The truthful fact is, that the districts of Benalla, Mansfield, Kilmore, and Wangaratta have been neglected for years past by the police authorities, hence the result.

3. The escape of Weiberg is another proof that the system requires renovating, as in this offender's case neither accomplices nor ranges can be pleaded. A speedy renovation and effective alterations in the management of our police and detective departments will be the first duty of the present government.


Jan. 6.

[See later correspondence from same person 11/2/82]


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