The Argus at KellyGang 7/3/1879

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Sergeant Vaughan, with five Victorian and New South Wales troopers and a black tracker, returned this afternoon from the search after the Kellys along the Murray, between Gunbower and Swan-hill. They saw no trace of the four horsemen, nor had they been seen for 10 days prior to the troopers' arrival. Sergeant Vaughan's party scoured the scrub and reed beds on both banks of the Murray as far down as Campbell 's Island , which was also searched. Senior-constable Clarke's party searched Gunbower Island , and are now prosecuting the search from Campbell 's Island towards Swan-hill. The black tracker says he believes the outlaws were not in the district.

The Acting Chief Secretary yesterday promised Mr Dwyer, M L A , and Mr Leahy that at least four of the Garrison Artillerymen should be stationed at Shepparton, for the protection of the three local banks during the continuance of the Kelly danger. He also promised that due inquiry should be made as to the necessity of establishing at Shepparton a court of general sessions and court of insolvency.





Mr. Watson, the engineer-in-chief, paid the Murray-bridge a formal visit of inspection to-day, and examined the sites where gates are necessary, viz., across the wharf and sawmill lines of railway, the former of which intersects the western approach to the bridge, and the latter the eastern approach. Mr Halliday, one of the contractors, also came up. He states that the contractors do not intend to take any steps in the matter, and are rather pleased that the bridge has been opened for the public. In his opinion, the Victorian authorities will not prosecute those who opened the bridge. A section of the public state that if the Government close the bridge to the public, leaving it open to the Deniliquin and Moama Railway Company, as before, they will tear up the company's rails. The Deniliquin and Moama Company's metals were connected with those traversing the bridge on the 19th of August last; the bridge was tested with two locomotives, with most satisfactory results, by Mr Lunt and others on the 24th of the same month; and on the 29th of the same month the Deniliquin and Moama Company commenced running their trains across; so that it is over six months since the bridge was opened for the railway, and about three months since it was ready for public traffic.


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