The Argus at KellyGang 8/4/1879

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A splendid heavy rain commenced to fall at half past 4 this afternoon, and still continues. It was sadly needed, and will be the savmg of corn which was sown, which it was feared was perishing for want of moisture.

The Mansfield Guardian states that recently two miners went to diggings on the Wombat Ranges, and for a few weeks took possession of the ground near where the Kellys worked. But one of the men fearing the return of the Kellys, packed up his blankets and left, and the other not liking to be left alone speedily followed. Immediately after two other miners went to the spot, and are working there up to the present time, bringing in to the bank occasionally sufficient gold to enable us to say they are making good wages.

These men are working the same claim that Ned and Dan Kelly took their gold from.

Residents of Mansfield who have prospected in the locality feel convinced that some day there will be a good paying goldfield in the vicinity of the Wombat Ranges

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