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Importance of The Gap

What was The Gap like in the late 1870s

Did Harry Power hold up a coach at the gap (Argus2//9/69) Photograph


Links to the Kelly Gang

Const Faulkiner and a party hunting for the arrived at The Gap on 5/11/1878. On the 6th Sadlier met other police here to take them off to the Sebastapol cavalcade.

Aaron Sherritt and his father had a clash at The Gap. (RC13440)

There were reports that the KellyGang got their supplies from a chinese store keeper at The Buckland Gap in late June 1880. They had pack-horses to carry it away. He said they came down from the ranges, two at a time; this, he stated, they did frequently. When asked why he did not tell the police, the store keeper replied that the police were too frightened to go near them. The KellyGang said if he told the police they would be shot and then burnt.(RC5483)

Members of The Gap community

Mr Holloway, of the Gap Hotel (Argus2//9/69)

What happened at The Gap after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at The Gap