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The Last of the Bushrangers by Sup Hare

I Introductory Remarks


Early Days at the Diggings

Unlicensed Diggers

Attacked by Fever

Keeping a Store

II Lieutenant in Victorian Police


Escort Duty

Catching a Burglar

All that was left of him

Brooks the Murderer

At the Buckland River Station

"Billy the Puntman"

In Charge of new Rushes

Border Difficulties on the Murray

III Power the Bushranger

His Escape

The Squatter's Gold Watch

£500 Blood-money

A Peacock as a Sentinel

Caught by the Heels

Some of Power's Adventures

His Sentence-Gamekeeper to Sir William Clarke

IV Sporting Party on the Murray

" Winkle"

How to take Aim

After the Ducks

A Night with the Snakes

Kangarooing-A Runaway Bed

V The Kelly Gang

Ned and Dan Kelly

Steve Hart

Joe Byrne

The Origin of the Bushranging Outbreak

Search Party organized

Murder of Kennedy

M'Intyre's Escape

Arming the Police

Tracking the Gang

Close on

VI Euroa Bank Robbery


"Sticking up" Mr. Younghusband's Station

Mr. Macauley " bailed up "

The Hawker Gloster

Cheap Outfits

The Raid on the Bank

The Manager and Family made Prisoners

The Return to Mr. Younghusband's

The Retreat of the Gang and Liberation of the Prisoners

Explanatory Statement of the Author

VII The Police at Euroa

Aaron Sherritt


Capture of the Police Station and Constables

Amateur Policemen

The Royal Hotel stuck up

Raid on the Bank of New South Wales £2000 taken

Kelly's Autobiography

His Account of the Fitzpatrick Affair

Departure of the Gang

Return to their Haunts

VIII Aaron Sherritt

A Disappointment

At Mrs. Byrne's

A Twenty-five-day Watch

Manufacturing Brands

Sherritt's Revenge

A Letter from Joe Byrne

Whorouly races

On Watch at Mrs. Sherritt's

Mrs. Byrne's Discovery

Break-up of the Camp

Arrest of Kelly Sympathizers

A Dynamite Scare

Aaron jilted

IX Mrs. Skillian's Hoax

A False Alarm

Searching the Warby Ranges

Among the Kelly Sympathizers

Ill and dispirited

The Tenant of the Haystack

Relieved after Eight Months' Camping Duty

X Black Trackers

Again in Charge with carte blanche

Aaron Sherritt's Doom

The Beginning of the End


Sticking up the Hotel

Bracken's Escape

The Police on the Alert

A Dangerous Journey

Mr. Curnow's Adventure

XI The Attack on the Hotel


XII From The Age Newspaper, 29th June, 1880

The Start

The Journey

A Timely Warning

The Gang surprised

Death of Byrne

Capture of Ned Kelly

His Statement

The Prisoners released

Renewal of the Fight

XIII From The Age (continued).

Mrs. Skillian comes on the Scene

The Hotel fired-Rescue of Sherry

Fate of Dan Kelly and Hart

Statement of Various Prisoners made by the Gang

The Incident of the Cannon

XIV The Outlaws' Plans

Execution of Ned Kelly

Habits and Customs of the Gang

Katie Kelly's behaviour

Kelly's distrust of Hart

The Cost of the Destruction of the Gang


The Last of the Bushrangers

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