The North Eastern Ensign at KellyGang 7/5/1872

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(full text transcription)

We learn that it is not yet decided how the Benalla bridge is to be built, and that Mr Higinbotham, the Engineer-in-Chief, will arrive in Benalla this evening for the purpose of ; definitely deciding the question. The course at first proposed was to erect the bridge of steno and brick piers; next to drive piles into t the clay, so as to form a firm foundation, and d then raise stone and brick piers to carry the iron girders on which the permanent way will be laid. Now, there are several considerations to be taken into account. If, for instance, Is iron cylinders had been first determined upon, that would have been the quickest method of building the bridge, though more expensive, but as only one firm (Messrs. Langlands) in Melbourne can construct the cylinders, and they are full of work, it is only reasonable to expect that a large order like this would cause a long delay in the works. The stone and brick piers at first proposed we may at once dismiss from our consideration, as we believe that plan has received its official quietus, But taking into consideration the large quantity of stone and bricks now on the ground or d in close proximity thereto, and the fact that timber for the piles exists hero in quantity, we believe that a bridge constructed of stone id and bricks on a pile foundation would be erected in the shortest time, and at least a third cheaper. Such a, bridge could be erected in nine months, and would therefore  be finished by the middle of February. This will be the sensible course to take, and we trust when Mr Higinbotham has looked well into the matter that he will adopt it. Mr Higinbotham has, we believe, made an offer to the contractors for a cylinder bridge, but whether they will accept it is another thing.

The contractors for the second section of the North-eastern Railway, Messrs. Styles, Murray, and Co., have received official notice that the permanent way for the second section will be delivered to them at Seymour by the a end of this month. This notice is important, is as it fixes the date on which the line must be a completed.

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