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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Mounted Const Thom 2372

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Early Years I was born Glasgow, Scotland on the 31st May, 1846

I came to Australia from Glasgow with my parents and 2 sisters in 1855 on the White Eagle.

I joined the police in 1869 and was sent to Greta in 1876

In about 1877 Ass Com Nicolson produced the following report about me. 'Yes. Mounted-Constable Hugh Thom, 2372, about eighteen years' service, "32 years of age, intelligent but not smart looking, soiled dirty jumper, dirty breeches, and a crushed uniform hat, beard untrimmed, his arms clean and serviceable'(RC1020) (see also RC8831) (RC15785)

I was stationed at Greta at about the time of the Fitzpatrick incident in April 1878. (RC12882)

Patrick Quinn came to see me about a stolen horses. (RC17691)

I left Greta after a while (RC8833)(RC8837)

Photograph Stringybark Creek Murders 26/10/1878 At the time of the murders I was out with a search party with SConst Strahan and Consts Arthur Shoebridge and Ryan. (RC1727) On the day of the murders we met Det Ward Power's Lookout (RC3133)

Later we were at Isard's on 29/10/1878. (RC 3148)

see also (RC17309) Hare replaced by Nicolson 6/7/1879 I was at El Dorado in 1879 Early Service Later Service



wife nee Mary Julia Harvey - (married 27th September, 1873 )(daughter of John Harvey and & Sophia {nee Smith}) . children Hugh Walter (1876), Jack Alexander (1879), Agnes Murray (1881)(died as an infant), Rupert Stanley (1886), Sydney Claude (1889), and Lesley Clive Thom(1894) and Agnes Murray (died as an infant).

home Later I was stationed at Essendon and after that we lived at "Gartsherrie Cottage" in Stawell Street, Hotham '

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