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Thowgla, (Thowgola) the squatting run

...a place in the



One of the original squatting runs in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns
Corryong Kiewa Beechworth

History at Thowgla before the KellyGang

On the Murray River east of Corryong

Thowgla is about 25km from Corryong, it is between the Nariel Valley and Corryong.

At one stage the run was owned by CC Wildash and later Thomas Mitchell (9,600 acres)

Where did the name Thowgla come from

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors



Original neighbouring properties

Murray River




What was Thowgla like in the late 1870's

The settlement of Thowgla was formed during the gold rush days in the 1860's

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Rivers Creeks and Hills near Thowgla

What happened at Thowgla after the time of the KellyGang

While gold was discovered in 1860 no rush ensued until 1880, when discoveries at Zulu Creek renewed interest in the area. A population of over 200 miners worked the creek in the summer of 1880-81.

The Chineese were very prolific gold miners in the area carrying corrugated iron for there sluce mining operations many miles into the bush to form aquaducts and cannals.

What is happening at Thowgla today

Nowdays there are only a few houses in the area.