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Tom Lloyd jnr

Importance of Thomas Peter Lloyd

A relation of the Kellys and one of the Greta Mob. Many said I was the fifth member of the KellyGang

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parents Jack Lloyd Snr Catherine Quinn brothers John Lloyd Jnr Paddy sisters ... wife Maggie , Rachel Hart children Anne (b1881), Edward (Ned) (b1882), Catherine (b1883), John (b1885), Thomas (b1886), Mary (b1887), Maude (b1888), Lilian (b1890), Rose (b1891), Mildred (b1892), Albert 'Sonny' (b1894) uncles ... aunts Ellen Kelly Photograph

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Early years First run ins with the law Did they try and get the family on a trumpted up charge. Something to do with a hide. I gave evidence (Ensign7/1/1873)

In about 1877 people started to see my brother John riding around the country with Ned Kelly and his mates and some started to call us the Greta Mob. Some even said that we went on trips around the country with Ned Kelly when he went off pinching mobs of horses and cattle. Well we may have helped our cousins and had a bit of fun.

In September 1877 my brother Jack and I and Dan Kelly got into trouble in Winton after a prank. We hid on the Kelly property for a few weeks. Eventually we gave ourselves up and were charged with wilfully damaging the property of David Goodman, a hawker who owned a shop in Winton. Const Fitzpatrick said that we gave ourselves up to him. (RC12871)

On 19 October 1877 at our trial we each received 3 months in Beechworth Goal and ordered to pay £2 10 shillings in damages. I was also sentenced to another 3 months for assaulting Mrs Goodman. (RCApp10)

The incident started with Dan Kelly delivering some meat to Mrs Goodman and picking up some groceries.. We arrived after closing time and the Goodmans would not open up. They were being silly so we encouraged them to open up. There was a bit of a disagreement, but I must say that while Mr Goodman was the main witness against us, he later was sentenced to 4 months for his evidence.

Later I was convicted in Beechworth on 28/2/1878 of indecent assault against Mrs Goodman and recieved a further 3 months

. Fitzpatrick Incident 15/04/1878 I lived near Quarry Hill, near Greta and next to Jacob Wilson.(RC2112) (RC4410)

You can get there by taking Kilfera road, the main surveyed road to Greta, and then there is a cleared track the last five miles to my house. (RC4581)

I was mentioned by the KellyGang in the Cameron letter. They said that Const Strahan was up on the River Murray getting evidence against Dan Kelly, brother Jack and me when Const Fitzpatrick came to the Kelly home to arrest Dan.

Mrs Skillion was left to look after the whole Kelly family. We all had a duty to Mrs Kelly to help keep the family together. They had moved to Maggie's place.

Gold mining and whiskey making at Bullock Creek I went off to Bullock Creek with the KellyGang where I stayed until about October. However I went off with them on many of their trips and could in some ways be seen as a fifth member. Ned Kelly always made sure that I was kept out of sight when they appeared in public so that I could go into town and do things for them Stringybark CreekMurders 26/10/1878 I was not there at the time of the murders . Escape north I met the KellyGang on the night of the murders in the Wombat Ranges and they told me what happened in their hut. I kept guard till morning while they were having a few hours' sleep. We worked out that it might be best if they went over the boarder into New South Wales and held up the bank at Howlong. (RC1867) See also (JJK)

Const Duross saw me and one of the Ryan boys when we went to Violet Town. Hear how he followed me around like a puppy dog.

We apparently arrived in town about "six o'clock one evening; their names were told to me by Const Gascoigne, who was then in Violet Town with me.

I followed them up the township. I saw them putting their horses in the stables of the hotel. I went in after them, where they were in the sitting room, and commenced reading the paper. They were sitting opposite me, and I do not think they knew me at this time, until the coachdriver, who was driving the coach between Shepparton and Violet Town, came in-he spoke to me and called me by name. I did not answer, did not want to make myself known to the men, and they commenced laughing; so the coachdriver said, "I have seen a party of your police down on the road to Shepparton, who are camped close to the road." They were laughing over this. I sent a telegram to Mr. Sadleir in Benalla about the whole affair, and he returned one to me, told me to pay strict attention to them and watch which direction they went. I did so, and sent Gascoigne to watch them a certain distance out of the township, and he watched them and said they went in the direction of Benalla. I afterwards received a telegram from Benalla, saying they were seen there at the proper time." (RC3588)

Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 It is almost certain that I helped the boys at Faithful's creek Mass arrest of the sympathizers They did not get me

In March I was charged with assaulting police (OMA27/2/1879) (Argus12/3/79) (Argus13/3/79) (OMA13/3/79)

Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 I acted as the scout for the KellyGang as they crossed the River Murray on their way to Jerilderie at Burramine.

I had a trial crossing; what happened (JJK)

They used the publican Mr Burke's punt

On 28/2/1879 the police got me. I was charged in Beechworth with indecent assault and received 3 months.(OMA13/3/79) (RC App 10)

Later in 1879 Some thought that I might have killed John Lloyd when he died at Mrs O'Brien's Hotel in Greta in April 1879.(Argus30/4/79)

I was aquitted of manslaughter. Patrick and Dennis McAuliffe were with me at the time.

In late June, during a search party with Consts Faulkiner and other police they found three or four saddles hanging up at a place near my home that had been recently used. They noticed they had surcingles on made by a saddler at Wangaratta. The person who occupied the place was a man with one hand, a bachelor, which clearly showed that he had not a use for four saddles. When the KellyGang was captured, and the horses and saddles brought to Benalla, Faulkiner identified those saddles as the ones they had seen on their visit.(RC5327)see also (RC5312)

See also (FH)

I, with Maggie Skillion. bought things for the boys including cartridges in Melbourne. (Argus21/6/79) see also (Argus20/6/79) (JJK)

Was I involved in making the armour with Dan Kelly? (JJK)

On 28/9/79 I was seen near Benalla with the KellyGang by a police spy, Patrick Quinn. (RC63)

Early in 1880 I was spotted at Mrs Byrne's home late in May 1880 (RC801)

About this time Jacob Wilson told the police that the KellyGang visited my place. (RC2110)

I lived next to Patterson's paddock where Wilson found the saddles. We were on the edge of Kilefra.

Wilson went on to tell the Royal Commission that he saw a lot of horses at my place and that he even saw Dan Kelly here. (RC4479)

Wilson watched my place from 3rd of April until the 14th of May. I got sick of it. One of the dogs went after him and we put him up a cherry tree. If we had only found him. (RC4493)

A short time before the Glenrowan siege a party friends and I crossed the line just at Glenrowan, on horseback, got up mounted and dressed and equipped as if they were starting for the shearing. Four of our group (there were about six of us) were stopped at Yarrawonga punt by the police.(RC774)

Death of Aaron Sherritt 26/6/1880 I was not there. We were getting ready for Glenrowan Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880 It is likely that I turned up at the start of the siege with Ned Kelly and Steve Hart on the evening of 26/6/1880

We had our mates organised down the railway track where the rails were taken up. Ned came down and gave the boys the bad news; the blody police had stopped at Glenrowan. Things were very bad.

After the Siege I was at the funeral for Dan and Steve (Herald30/6/80)

In late July 1880 I went down to Melbourne with Maggie Skillion to try and arrange for Ned Kelly's defence. (Argus2/8/80)

I attended the start of Ned Kelly's committal with Maggie. (Age9/8/1880) (Herald8/8/80) (Argus9/8/80)

Maggie Skillion, David Gaunson and I stayed at the Hibernian during Ned Kelly's committal hearing. (Argus7/8/80)


I and Dennis McAuliffe went out voluntarily and helped Const Armstrong when he was stationed at Glenrowan, and looked for a horse down in the bush after Kelly's execution. (RC12181)

Const Robert Graham reported on 26th April 1881 about the sympathizers of the KellyGang. -"I beg to report for the information of the superintendent that a number of them were here at Greta yesterday, drinking, viz.: -Jack Quinn, Tom Lloyd, jun, Paddy McAuliffe, Tom McAuliffe, John McMonigal, and Jack Nolan; and from their manner I am led to believe that another outbreak among them is imminent. Jack Quinn is very anxious to find out who it was that got the sympathizers arrested in 1879. They all appear to have a great dislike to Pat Quinn, and speak of him as the black tracker."(RC9870) see also (RC2970)

I died at Greta on 27/8/1927.

What happened to Tom Lloyd's family