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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

James Whitty

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Importance of James Whitty

I was one of the squatters in the Moyhu area.. I had 18 square miles on the King River and Boggy Creek. I accused Ned Kelly of stealing his cattle

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Early Years In 1877 I accused Ned Kelly of stealing a bull which he gave to Lydicker. Later Ned was accused of stealing a mob of calves that belonged to me and my son in law Farrell. Please see the Cameron letter for Ned's version of this incident. I had been attacked by organised gangs of thefts and I was convinced that Ned Kelly was behind these things. See also the Jerilderie Letter

Later in October of 1877 a number of horses of mine were found in Howlong. William Cooke was charged with stealing and his friends William and Gustav Baumgarten, Thomas Studders, and Samuel Kennedy being involved in large scale trading in stolen horses and cattle. Another person was also named, Thompson. They could never find him but I think he was Ned Kelly (Argus10/8/80)

I had a run in with the Albury racing club. (Argus27/1/79)

Mark Whitty lost a bay cob. Patrick Quinn said he had seen it at the bottom of Fitzsimmons and Hughes's paddock. (RC17691)

My station lost £500 worth of horseflesh in a single year. (BWC)

Photograph Early Career Later Career I was is buried at Milawa.


wife Miss Black. children James, . . . home at Whitfield.

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