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On the Ovens River

See also the Whorouly squatting run


Importance of Whorouly



What was Whorouly like in the late 1870s

The Ovens River often flooded at Whorouly (Argus29/10/67)

Facilities in Whorouly in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Whorouly Hotel Schools Church Catholic, Anglican, Methodist Other things of interest Whorouly had a good race course

And a cricket team (OMA13/2/1879)

Links to the KellyGang

Sgt Steele led a search party hunting the KellyGang to Whorouly soon after the Stringy Bark Murders in November 1878. (RC676)

SConst Kelly and Const Ryan went to Whorouly soon after the Sebastopol cavalcade.They watched the Whorouly Bridge for 3 weeks. (RC8009)

Whorouly races on 29 /3/1879 the KellyGang a good opportunity to show off. Aaron Sherritt said that he had news that Joe Byrne would ride in the races. The police came in force. (FH)

Sup Hare described what happened at the Whorouly races, "We arranged that I should take three of my best riders and pluckiest men, and go to the races myself. I selected three men unknown to the public in that part of the country, viz., Senior-Constable Johnson, Constable Lawless, and Constable Falkner. I told them what duty they would have to perform and the information that I had received, and directed them to ride singly, as if unknown to each other, on to the racecourse. Lawless I set up with an under-and-over table and dice, Johnson was got up as a bookmaker, and Falkner was to act the yokel and patronize the other two, the under-and-over place, and to make bets on the races. I myself drove down on to the course in a buggy and mixed among the people, and the ordinary police in uniform attended the races. I took all those precautions for the purpose of preventing anyone knowing. (RC1362)" See also (RC1096) (RC5312) (RC5673) (FH) (JJK)

See an interesting discussion about the horses that were use by the police and others (RC5321)

Members of the Whorouly community

The Whourouly cricket team included Barkers (3) , Waltern, Winaibenbe, Fisher, Milne (OMA13/2/1879)

See also (Argus29/10/67) '

Hughes, Rath (Argus2/9/68)

What happened at Whorouly after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Whorouly today