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Importance of Wilhelm Godfried (William) Baumgarten

A sympathizer and horse trader. Links to the KellyGang., Early Years , First run in with the law , , Escape North , Euroa Robbery , Mass arrest of sympathizers , Jerilderie Robbery , Later in 1879 , Early in 1880 , Death of Aaron Sherritt , Glenrowan Siege , Ned Kelly's Trial , Royal Commission , Later Years , Family ,


brothers Gustav,, Herrman, Andrew Otto, Rudolph Louise, Albert August sisters Louisa Caroline, Christina... wife Margaret Christina Carbuary... children Matthew Charles 1871, William Godfrey 1872, Frederick Thomas 1874, Henry Gustav 1875 and Arthur John 1877. Photograph

Links to the KellyGang

Back ground Gustav and I were migrants to Australia from Germany. We lived on the River Murray near Barnawartha. I was married with a reasonably large holding for a settler. I think that the police used my brother and I as scapegoats for not being able to catch the KellyGang.

First run in with the law In October 1877 horses stolen some time before from James Whitty were found at Howlong . William Cooke was charged with stealing the horses from Whitty and others near Greta. (Argus4/3/78) (Argus2/5/78) (Argus31/10/78)

See also the Jerilderie Letter

My brother Gustav Baumgarten, and my friends John Studders and Samuel Kennedy and I were all charged with receiving the animals knowing that they had been stolen. Sgt Steele was involved. (RC8812) see also (Argus10/8/80) (RC213).

Det Brown was involved in our arrest (Argust2/11/78)

While I knew Ned Kelly I was not involved in this matter and I did not know that they were stolen. Was he the Thompson who the police could not find. In the end the case against me was adjourned. In the end they adjourned the charges against me and let me go free.

They eventually caught me on the third or fourth attempt and I was put in goal for 4 years by Mr Justice Barry in October 1878 for receding stolen horses, the same time when Mrs Kelly, Skillion and Williamson were convicted over the Fitzpatrick incident. Samuel Kennedy was convicted with me and he received 6 years in gaol

Escape north On about 1/11/1878 the [[../../things/K_kellys/K_KellyGang.html|KellyGang]] went to see my family in their efforts to cross the Murray River. They camped out in the lagoon in the rain. The police were in the area and it was a close thing. I was in goal at the time. My wife blamed them for me being in goal and she gave them little comfort. When Nicolson and the search party came she was quite prepared to talk. I don't blame her at all. She told them that on the previous day the KellyGang had come out from the lagoons, off the island right under her house, about one o'clock, camped till sunset about 200 yards off. (RC347)(RC354)

Later in 1879 Was in Pentridge Prison in Feburary 1879? (OMA 13/2/1879)

On 13/11/1879 Ass Com Nicolson refused a Baumgarten's applications for more land on advice of Insp Brooke Smith and Det Ward. (RC15751)

After the Siege I established the 540 acre Bogong vineyard.

What happened to William Baumgarten's family

The following information about my early life has kindly been provided by one of my descendants

"William was born Wilhelm Godfried Baumgarten around 1844 in Osterwedingen, Prussia, later to become part of Germany. He was the third child in a family of 6 born to Andreas Johann Baumgarten and Caroline Louise Heine.

"I have not been able to find out what happened to their mother Caroline, or three of the other siblings (An unknown male, and twins Christina and Frederick born about 1851), but Andreas, William, Gustav, an older sister Louisa Caroline (born about 1842) and Andreas' new wife, Louisa Henrietta Lauerbier, all came to Australia in 1858 on board the Sophia. They settled in Barnawartha where Andreas' and Louisa had another 4 children, Herrmann 1859, Andrew Otto, or Otto as he was known 1862, Rudolph Louise 1864 and Albert August 1869.

"William married (July 1870)a Canadian girl, well, the marriage certificate says American, Margaret Christina Carbuary, born about 1844 in Nova Scotia. (We don't yet know when she came to Australia) Margaret was the daughter of well to do parents, Thomas Carbury and Elizabeth Trinder.

"William and Margaret married on 30 July 1870 in Dry Creek,North Barnawartha. They had 5 children before William was sentenced, Matthew Charles 1871, William Godfrey 1872, Frederick Thomas 1874, Henry Gustav 1875 and Arthur John 1877. I am guessing that William didn't serve the whole 4 years he was given as he went on and had another two children while he was supposed to be in gaol, Walter 1879 and Louisa Kate 1882. After a large break, William and Margaret had their eighth and final child, Margaret Christina 1887.

"Gustav and William described themselves as farmers at these times.

"The sister that came with them, Louisa Caroline also married, Fritz Beck in 1863 and they had ten children, though it appears they moved to Chiltern.

" The of the younger brothers, at least three married and went forth and multiplied.

"William stayed on in Barnawartha and became naturalized in 1892 in Chiltern. He has been called by many occupations, farmer, selector, squatter, but in 1914 at the time of his death, he was known as a Vigneron. I have found evidence that his was the first vineyard in Barnawartha, and have been told it quite large (called Bogong (540 acres)), he and Margaret being described as "Well off" and "Well respected".

"William died 7 February 1914 in Barnawartha and is buried in the Barnawartha Cemetery. It isn't known when Margaret died. see the full family tree at http://lesleythompson.homemail.com.au/ACBaumgartenDESC.htm

"William willed his vineyard to his sons. Family has it that the daughters decided to contest the will, and went to Sydney to hire lawyers, only to discover that the firm they chose was another branch of the firm the brothers had hired. The daughters decided this was an omen and gave up. The brothers then "drank it into the ground". I believe there is nothing left of it today, and it is now a recreation park.