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Importance of Mr Elliott

School teacher at Jerilderie

The members of Mr Elliott's family

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Jerilderie Robbery 11/2/1879 I entered the Bank of New South Wales branch in Jerilderie and was greeted by the KellyGang. They ordered me over counter to join Mr Living the accountant. I was then taken to the Royal hotel by the KellyGang and made a prisoner. We were 'looked after' by Dan Kelly and Steve Hart. It was still a rather traumatic time but I kept good notes of what was happening. See (Argus12/2/79) (SMH12/2/1879) (OMA13/2/1879)

See also (FH) (CHC)


The School at Jerilderie

Early Service

Later Service

I later became the editor of the Jerilderie Herald in 1886 and I was involved in many local interests

I died in 1934 (Argus21/2/1934)



wife ... children 3 boys and 3 girls. home ?..

I I was born in 1851 and died at Jerilderie in Feb 1934

What happened to Mr Elliott's family