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Benalla in the south and Glenrowan and Greta in the north


Importance of Winton

The township of Winton was surveyed in 1857 and it was proclaimed as a town in 1861.

One theory says that the town was named after George de Winton. An other view says that it was named after the suirveyor, Wilmont's, birthplace in Westmoreland, England. He marked out the town.

Before the railway line was completed to Beechworth Winton was the point where the carriers left the route of the Hume Highway to go to Greta and on Beechworth. By bypassing Wangaratta travellers saved a day at least



What was Winton like in the late 1870s

The town had lots of social events such as race meetings, picnics, ploughing matches and church dances

The railway arrived in the area, on the Benalla to Wangaratta streach (Argus28/10/73)

At the Winton races (Ensign2/4/1875)

Facilities in Winton in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Winton Hotel Mr Cupples (Ensign2/4/1875)

Whitty's hotel See Lindsay's shanty Schools Winton common school 991

Mr Hughes school master (Ensign19/12/1873)

Mr AM Hennessy (Ensign19/2/1875) (Ensign2/4/1875) Post Office established in 1864 Other things of interest see also [[../plH_L/lindsaySh3.html|../plH_L/lindsaySh3.html]]

Winton Swamp

David Lindsay was also known as the store keeper and a local farmer. David Goodman a hawker had a shop in Winton

Store keeper Blackburne (Ensign8/11/1872) (Ensign15/11/1872)

Solomon Store - Morris Solomon

Charles Rawlins came from Winton

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Daniel Morgan held up Whitty's hotel after holding up Whitfield in 1865.

James Kelly said to have stolen cattle from farmer George Chandler and Andrew Curry, at Winton (Ensigh3/4/1873)

He got 5 yers (Ensign22/4/1873)

In 1875 Ned Kelly did some building around the district.

On the morning of the Fitzpatrick incident Ned Kelly sold a horse to Frank Harty's, a resident of Winton

There were 2 shanties in Winton. The friends of the KellyGangcould often be seen drinking in one of them. Not Lindsay's? (RC15493)

Helen and Tim Ryan lived near Winton

The KellyGang had been seen near the railway line at Winton in 10/1878

Sup sadleir and two trackers went to Winton (Argus18/11/78)

Ass Com Nicolson took out the search party after the KellyGang from Benalla to Winton ranges, Eleven-mile and Bald Hill (RC676)

The KellyGang were seen near the railway gates on 22/1/1879

Police received a report in late April 1880 that the KellyGang had been seen about lately in the Winton area by one or two persons who dared not tell. They also reported that gang were reduced to the last straits, and without means of carrying on longer. Their movements were circumscribed, and unable to find an unguarded bank to rob. (RCApp5)

Members of the Winton community

' Adhern' (RC10677)

Maxwell Gordon Ashmead

John and Caroline Ashmead

Samual and Zora Brentall

William and Martha Cameron

Saunders John Challis

George Chandler (Ensigh3/4/1873)

James and Letitia Cooke (Ensign22/4/1873)

Matthew and Catherine Costello

James Cronin

Cupples (Ensign2/4/1875)

Andrew Curry (Ensigh3/4/1873)

Richard and Grace Evans

John Gamble

William and Mary Jane Gardiner

Catherine Sarah, Elizabeth and Isabella Green. The

Greens were nieces of David Lindsa y

William Henry and Margaret Gould

William and Jemma Green

Yeamon Gunn (Ensign2/4/1875)

Hughes (Ensign2/4/1875)

Thomas and Anne Lee

Henry and Annie Lewis

Allan and Mary Lewis

John and Elizabeth Lynch

Robert Montgomery (Ensign2/4/1875)

Richard Moore

William Payne (Ensign12/1/1875)

William and Mary Pringle

John and Catherine Stafford (Ensign2/4/1875)

Skelton (Ensign2/4/1875)

Friedrich and Friederieke Tanck

Thomas Underwood (Ensign12/1/1875)

Robert and Jane Ann Warnock

Thomas and Margaret Weston

William and Eleanor Weston

G Willis (Ensign2/4/1875)

What happened at Winton after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Winton today

Historic Speedway

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