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Wombat Ranges

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Importance of Wombat Ranges

Stringy Bark and Ryans Creeks is in the Wombat Ranges.

Henry Perkins , Monk, Jebb and Harrison lived in the Wombat Ranges

What was Wombat Ranges like in the late 1870s

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Stringy Bark Creek and German Creek are in the Wombat Ranges

See also the Jerilderie Letter

In December- January 1879 Sup Sadleir sent an agent into the Wombat Ranges.(RC2028)

Henry Perkins lived at Wombat. (RC15517)

Const McIntyre first call at John McColl's place after he left Stringbark Creek, after the murders (JJK)

He then got to Matthew Byrne's place and was driven into Mansfield by Ned Byrne (Argus29/10/79)

John Byrne resident see (Argus21/11/78) see also below

John Esme, farmer (Argus18/3/79)

Percy William Bromfield, farmer (Argus21/11/78) (Argus18/3/79)

Edward Monk owned a sawmill in the Wombat Ranges, somewhere near Tolmie and about 11/13 miles from Mansfield . Pewtress and his party arrived at Monks at 9pm.

Mr Monk and 2 of his men agreed to lead the police to Stringy Bark Creek and they left again in heavy rain at about 10pm (CHC)(Argus30/10/79)

After helping the police retrieve the bodies at Stringybark Creek, Monk preferred to keep a low profile for the safety of his family. Whether this decision came after the "threatening letter" or before we cannot say. He and his family ( he had small children) lived in a fairly isolated area and felt very vunerable.

Walter Lynch was later imprisoned for two years for sending a threatening letter in the name of the Kelly's to Monk.

The Monks knew the Kelly's, Ned had apparently worked at their sawmill for a time and he nursed some of their children on his knee. Edward Monk and his wife were deeply shocked and surprised at receiving such threatening letters by 'the Kelly's'.

On 7/11/1878 one of Mr Monk's horses was stolen and a few days later he recieved a threatening letter(Argus11/11/78) (Alexandra16/11/1878)

Monk gave a threatening letter to ass Com Nicolson in Wangaratta; see text (Argus12/11/78) (Argus13/11/78)

Monks recieved more threatening letters (Argus28/4/79) (Argus1/4/79) (Argus2/4/79) (Argus29/5/79)(Argus1/7/79)(Argus2/7/79) (Argus14/4/79)

Walter Lynch was convicted of sending the letters (Argus2/7/79)(but many other references in the accounts of the Monk case)

See other references to Walter Lynch (Argus16/11/78) (Argus21/11/78) (Argus17/12/78) (Argus21/12/78) (Argus18/3/79) (Argus19/3/79)

Const Richardson, witness (Argus21/11/78)

The Inquiry

Many of the prominant people in Mansfield prompted for the inquiry at a meeting (Argus5/5/79), including:





Collopy W

see also (Argus17/5/79)

Witnesses at Inquiry

Edward Monk, (Argus10/5/79)(Argus13/5/79) (Argus28/4/79)

James Tomkin, Shire president (Argus5/5/79)(Argus12/5/79)

John Henry Adolphus Hageman, secretary of the shire council (Argus12/5/79)

William Phelan, farm laborer at Wombat, (Argus12/5/79)

Auguste Spehr, (Argus12/5/79)(Argus13/5/79)

William Bullock, carrier (Argus14/5/79)

Henry Jebb, farmer (Argus14/5/79)

John Duncan, sawyer, employed by Monk (Argus14/5/79)

John Reardon, selector (Argus15/5/79)

Michael Reardon, carrier and farmer, Henry Walker -brother in law. MR lived with John Byrne at Wombat (Argus15/5/79)(Argus16/5/79)

John Byrne , selector, (Argus16/5/79)

Horace Morgan Mumford,

James Love Const, (Argus16/5/79) (Argus17/5/79)

Henry Pewtress, Inspector (Argus16/5/79)(Argus21/5/79)

Charles Boles, (Argus16/5/79)

Alexander Dundas, ()

Jeremiah Toohey, Inspector (Argus19/5/79)(Argus20/5/79)(Argus21/5/79)

Tom Halligey (Spider) tracker (Argus20/5/79)

John Blum,(Argus20/5/79)(Argus21/5/79) (Argus26/7/79)

Charles Berry, splitter (Argus20/5/79)

Annie Monk, (Argus21/5/79)

Henry H Kitchen, JP (Argus5/5/79)(A rgus21/5/79)

Frank James, SConst (Argus21/5/79)

John Lopdell, Mrs Annie Monk's brother (Argus21/5/79)

John Richards Const (Argus21/5/79)

Panton's report and conclusion (Argus28/5/79)

Results of forensic research (Argus31/5/79)(Argus3/6/79)

Monks declaration of innocence.(Argus14/6/79)(Argus16/6/79-1)

Monk property sold (Argus11/7/79)

Monk charged, he got the saddle back. (Argus23/4/80)



What happened in the Wombat Ranges after the time of the KellyGang

Press went looking for the KellyGang's place (Argus13/11/80)

What is happening in the Wombat Ranges today