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...a place in the




North of Beechworth


Reid built a flour mill at what is now Yackandandah in the 1840.

Gold was discovered in the area in the early 1850's, and continued at Whisky Flat, Kirby’s Flat, Osborne’s Flat and Doctor’s Flat. The town’s population swelled to 3000. See also Yackandanda run

Representatives from Yackabdanda attended a major meeting to plan for the coming of the railways (Argus15/7/67)

Importance of Yackandandah



What was Yackandandah like in the late 1870s

Gold mining continued well past the time of the KellyGang. (Argus22/8/60) (Argus22/1/76) (Argus22/1/76)

The town of Yackandandah continued to prosper and grow long after the early gold rush days.

Wodonga wanted to leave the Yackandandah shire (T&C25/9/1875)

Facilities in Yackandandah in the late 1870s

'Population ' Hotels Royal Hotel (1860)

Star Hotel, (1863)

Yackandandah Hotel (1879). Schools


Bank s

Local Government

Post Office

Police Station


Anglican school (1955)

State primary school erected in 1862

Holy Trinity Anglican Church (1861)

Methodist church (1870)

Presbyterian Church (1867-68).

Bank of Victoria (1860)

Bank of Australasia (1878).

The town was first surveyed in about 1856

The Shire of Yackandandah was proclaimed in 1864

courthouse (1864) see also (12/8/1876)


originaly a timber structure (1863)

Postal route Beechworth to Yackandandah via Wooragee

And from Wodonga to Yackandandah via Osborne's Flat and Keiwa

And from Banawatha to Yackandandah via South Barnawatha, and North Wooragee

And from Sutton to Yackandandah via Hillsborough, Yackandandah Junction, and Twist's Creek 1876

Original station (1853)

Royal Mail Coaches left Yackandandah regularly for many locations in the area including Beechworth. The main coaching route from Sydney to Melbourne went through Yackandandah before the rail line was built

Other things of interest Yackandandah had a flour mill from as early as 1860

Dean's Store, built 1864-65

Sir Isaac Isaacs (Governor General), was born in Yackandandah in 1855

Stone Bridge on heritage list

Pound Keeper David Flynn

Licensing Magistrates

Charles Henry Barber

Archibald Galbraith


Regulation of water on the gold field was a problem (Argus2/4/61) (Argus12/3/62)

Links to the KellyGang

Some of the books report that the KellyGang did some gold mining in the area around Yackandandah.

A police party searched the area. (Argus27/1/79)

It is thought that the KellyGang passed near Yackandandah on their way to Jerilderie (OMA13/2/1879)

Dan Kelly's object in calling upon Jack Sherritt on 13/11/1879 was in part to tell him not to bother to go to Yackandandah bank. (RC15284)

Jack also had a conversation with Joe Byrne about holding up the bank in Yackandandah at about this time. (RC14906)

On 13/11/1879 SConst Flood told Ass Com Nicolson that the police at Yackandandah had Colt revolvers but ammunition was scarce. (RC15751)

Between February 1876 and February 1878, the police station at Yackandandah was reduced from two to one constable as part of the cut back in police resources to protect the local community. (RC App9) (RCApp11)

What happened at Yackandandah after the time of the KellyGang

SConst Flood was stationed in town in 1881. (RC1261)

The Royal Commission said it was a grave error to reduce the size of the Yackandandah police station (RC2ndReport)

Members of the Yackandandah community

Councillors Gilbert Power, and A Griffin (Argus15/7/67)

Mr [[../../documents/N79/79_04_05_OMA1.html|Reeves]], George [[../../documents/N79/79_04_05_OMA1.html|Phillips]],

Sgt: Thomas Hamilton Mtd. Constables: Thomas Wilson; James Pepper Constables: Anthony Shanahan (see) (reward application rejected); William Ryan were stationed at Yackandandah

What is happening at Yackandandah after the days of the KellyGang

Yackandandah had its own railway station and railway line opened on in 1891. The line was closed in 1955.

What is happening at Yackandandah today