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located north of Melbourne, near Mansfield


The first residents were the Woiwurung people

The area was settled by selectors in about 1837. The town was built on the Murrindindi run

Gold was discovered in the area in 1859 and a number of smaller mining settlements came into existence at that time, including Molesworth.

Yea was called Muddy Creek until about 1878. was named after a Col. Lacy Yea who was killed in the Crimea War. ? See (Argus31/8/61)

Importance of Yea


Map Yea was on a route to the Jamieson gold field. (Argus31/8/61)

What was Yea like in the late 1870s

State of selection at Murrindindi and at other places in the area (Argus12/10/66)

'A liitle country village' (Alexandra6/11/1868)

Facilities in Yea in the late 1870s

Population 250 Hotels Albion Mr Marshall

Commercial Hotel, High St

Caledomian Hotel Mr Cairns


Royal Mail Hotel Mrs Forbes, opposite court Churches Anglican church built in 1869

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Schools school started in 1877 a brick building (Alexandra3/5/1872) Bank Main Streets Yea became a shire in 1873 Local Government Police Station Telegraph Office

Other things of interest Court House operating in 1868

Race course reserved in 1876 (Gazette 31 P756)

The Providence Mining Company No Liability, Mr Hughes manager (Alexandra25/6/1880)

coaches (Alexandra21/6/1872)

Doctor Cheyne (Alexandra1/6/1878)

Flour mil Mr Pratt

one lawyer 1868

library (Alexandra11/10/1873)

Sloan , McLeish , Johnson , McAsey , Bannerman , Baird , Hughes , Hocking , Dyke , Handel , Marshall miners (Alexandra25/6/1880)

James Wallace was the school teacher in 1881

Auctioneers Edward Smith, JD Webster &Co see also (Alexandra25/6/1880)

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Mr Bolam from the Education Department provided the Royal Commission with the following comments in relation to James Wallace at Yea

'Did you consider his movement to the other school in the Yea district an advance?- It was an improvement in position, but not very much in regard to salary. The school he is at present in is what is called a full-time school, where the duties are not so heavy as in the half-time schools. Although the salary is very little more than the other the position must be held to be preferable.' (RC 15047)

From any other department?- He was acting as postmaster, for which he received a small salary-a very small salary'(RC 15052)

Hear Mr Webster of Yea (grazier)'s account relating to James Wallace (RC17786)

Members of the Yea community

Cameron, McCrystal, McNeil, Martin O;Connor, Purcell, RF Taylor, EG Webster, JD Webster (Alexandra1/6/1878)

What happened at Yea after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Yea today