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The Alexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express at KellyGang 5/10/1878

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The proceedings which took place at the late public meeting of the committee and subscribers of the Alexandra Cottage Hospital must eventuate in good, as it has for some time past been a topic of conversation and complaint that the management in some particulars was faulty, and this view to a certain extent, we must confess, was borne out by the statements made by the several speakers at the meeting in question; and we will deal with the several matters that in our opinion require immediate attention. In the first place we would remark that any public institution depending on the voluntary subscriptions of the public for its existence will always receive support in proportion to the confidence the public have in the management thereof.

We consider the committee, composed as it is for the most part of practical business men, are quite competent to deal with the question of retaining, the present gentleman who holds the position of medical officer to the institution, or otherwise, and deciding as to whether he has performed the duties and responsibilities attached to his position. Therefore we shall say no more upon that subject further than to add that so long as he attends to those duties in a satisfactory manner the treatment and supervision of the patients, we consider, may with safety be left in his hands. With reference to the amount received by the dispenser, about which some complaints have been made, while we concur with those who consider the amount out of all proportion to the average number of patients in the hospital, and giving color to the statements that there was great want of economy shown by those who have had the management of the institution, we hold it to be no fault on the dispenser's part to take the amount agreed upon between himself and the committee.

This state of things could easily be remedied by having, as is the case with most hospitals, a medicine chest on the premises, under the control of the doctor, who surely could find time to dispense the same when the average number of patients does not exceed more than two or three in the year. The rumors as to the matron supplying her family out of the provisions was thrown to the wind at the meeting, and we think it a pity that such idle and unjustifiable charges should be circulated by persons without they are prepared to substantiate them, as they have a direct tendency to injure the institution. This matter commented upon, there is still one which requires some explanation, and doubtless the committee will furnish the information and thus set all adverse remarks at rest. In the balance-sheet an item of £20 appears as having been paid for supervision, in addition to the amount paid as salary to the medical officer. Now, what is wanted is simply an explanation of this item. If a just and fair one, well and good; if not, let it not in future appear as a charge upon the funds, as it has been the means of several people withholding their subscriptions from the charity. Some say it has been paid to a person who has been called in to attend to certain lunatic patients. If such is the case, why not in the balance-sheet say so, naming the lunatic, and also to whom the money was paid. These matters set at rest, we doubt not but that the subscriptions will be greatly increased; but so long as the late, most unsatisfactory state of affairs exists, necessitating the calling a. public meeting, we contend, no good results can follow; neither can the committee expect it; and we trust that instead of circulating idle rumors as to this matter or the other, all those who may have any fault to find, or complaint to make, will do so in writing to the committee of management, and they may rest assured their communications will have immediate attention.


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