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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 20/9/1881

day before

Summary of the evidence on day 53 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
17591 - 17642 20/9/1881 Thomas Curnow
17643 - 17687 20/9/1881 Const Thomas Meehan
17688 20/9/1881 Patrick Quinn
17689 - 17787 20/9/1881 Sup Sadleir
17787a 20/9/1881 Ass Com Nicolson
1717 - 1979

1980 - 2120

2452 - 2744

2745 - 3004

3005 - 3019

11866 - 11979

12559 - 12565

16657.1 - 16860









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325 - 675

676 - 915

916 - 1065

11997 - 12079

16861 - 17127








See the following dates for other evidence given by Ass Com Nicolson
Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission

Summary of the evidence on day 53 of the hearings

The day started with the Chairman reading a letter from Mrs. Nicolson about the enquiries she and her son made about Aaron Sherritt's character.

20/9/1881 Thomas Curnow commenced his evidence - some brief highlights


20/9/1881 Thomas Meehan commenced his evidence -

some brief highlights

Meehan was left at Mansfield when Sgt Kennedy took the search party to Stringy Bark Creek and he went to Benalla to give the details when McIntyre came back with the news of the murders.

One of the famous incidents from the Royal Commission report is Meehan's description of what happened to him on his way to Benalla with the news of the Stringy Bark murders.

I was in charge of the Mansfield station when Sergeant Kennedy went out to arrest Ned Kelly.

McIntyre came into Mansfield. He said to me, "This is hell." I said, "What is up, McIntyre?"

There were no firearms in the police station at all.

I went as far as Barjarg and things started to happen. I eventually took my boots off; very scarry

The start of the hunt for the KellyGang

" ... I will never forget you as long as you are in my district for making such a fool of your-self as you did that night when you went out."

Who followed me?

I had a run in with Nicolson

Uniform being dispensed with, discipline was dispensed with.

I gave that information to Mr. Nicolson, and he would not act upon it, when I had to salute him and everything.

I was at the Sebastopol cavalcade and had run ins with Nicolson over how to put a horse into a stable and salute.

20/9/1881 Patrick Quinn continued his evidence -some brief highlights

Quinn gave evidence because people had mentioned his name that he had been connected with the KellyGang. He said that he did his best to stop this.

Horse stealing was a common activity. Quinn mentioned his dealings with people such as James Whitty and the agent Billy Cook. He also spoke about local things such as ploughing matches and his dealings with Wild Wright.

Quinn was related to Ned Kelly and he spoke of contact with Nicolson and some of the other police. Was Quinn prepared to provide any useful information to the police?

Nicolson was keen to cross examine Quinn on the allegation that he led him off on the wild goose chase to Wodonga on the night of the Euroa robbery.

After Nicolson had finished his cross examination Hare and Sadleir had a go.

Quinn wanted to give evidence because I think there has been blundering about this affair from the first commencement.

20/9/1881 Sup Sadleir continued his evidence - some brief highlights

20/9/1881 Ass Com Nicolson continued his evidence - some brief highlights

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