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The Royal Commission evidence for 10/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 17)

Constable Dowling giving evidence

4970 It was quite possible to keep the outlaws there without firing a single shot?— Not if it was dusk.

4971 Why?— Because they could have escaped, and we would not have known it was not one of ourselves.

4972 Was there no means of making fires to surround the building, so as to make a light and prevent them escaping at night?— Yes, you could have made a fire there.

4973 Was the feeling amongst the police, that what was wanted was to have them out some time before dark?— Yes.

4974 Was that the feeling universally amongst the police?— Yes.

4975 Because, after dark, they might get away?— Yes. There were some of the horses shot previous to that, so that they should not get away riding.

4976 By Mr. O'Connor— You stated that I was pointed out to you when you got out of the train — would that be?— About ten o'clock.

4977 Can you remember how I was dressed?— I think you were dressed in a grey suit, if I do not mistake.

4978 Had I a long coat on?— You had long boots on. I am not aware if you had a long coat on.

4979 I think you must have been mistaken about me at that time. Do you remember whether I had a long coat, nearly down to my heels—what they call an ulster?— Well, I am not sure.

4980 Can you tell me who the reporters were I was with?— No.

4981 Can you swear they were reporters— might they not have been police?— I think they were reporters.

4982 Can you state who the man was that told you?— No; I heard several of the police say they were reporters.

4983 By the Commission. —Is that the gentleman—[pointing to Mr. O'Connor]—who was there on that occasion?— No; I would not swear it is him now.

4984 By Mr. Sadleir. —How soon after you landed from the train did I speak to you?— I do not remember, I am sure.

4985 By the Commission. —Who came with you, in charge?— Senior-Constable Mullane.

4986 Did Mullane report you and your party to Mr. Sadleir?— Yes, I believe he did.

4987 Do not believe—do you know?— No, I would not swear he did.

4988 Did he bring you out together, as police are generally taken out, or one by one?— We got out one by one.

4989 Did he bring you up and show you?— I remember Mr. Sadleir telling us to take up our posts at the north of the building. That is all I remember.

4990 By Mr. Sadleir. —How long after you landed?— I think a few minutes after.

4991 Where were you then?— I was on the platform.

4992 You said McHugh and you fired at one of the outlaws, at the window?— Yes, the one outside.

4993 At what hour was that?— I think it was after the civilians had surrendered.

4994 You said you thought it was at two o'clock; do you think so still?— To the best of my belief, it was. I will not swear.

4995 By the Commission. —How do you reconcile that with your answer that you would not swear you saw a shot fired after the prisoners were released from the hotel; did this man outside fire any shots when he came out?— No, he did not. He had a gun lying across his arms.

4996 Did you see one of the outlaws outside?— I did.

4997 Was the outlaw that came outside out before the civilians left or after?— I am not sure; I believe it was after.

4998 Did you fire at him immediately?— I did. McHugh was the first, and I was the next.

4999 Where were you standing at that time?— I was within twenty yards of him at the time, facing from the hotel. He was in the back yard, at the west of the building, and I was at the north. ....

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