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The Royal Commission evidence for 20/7/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 37)

Mr Patrick Allen sworn and examined

13457 By the Commission— What are you?— A storekeeper in Beechworth.

13458 Do you remember the time when the police were in the cave?— Yes, very well.

13459 And in Sherritt's place?— Yes.

13460 Were you supplying them with provisions in both cases?— Yes.

13461 Take the cave first—how did you bring the provisions to them in the cave?— Well, I sent them on a good many occasions as far as Mrs. Sherritt's house, and then they were to be taken from there by Mrs. Sherritt's people.

13462 How far is the cave from Mrs. Sherritt 's?— About two or three miles; somewhere about that

13463 The provisions went out during the day?— Yes, and sometimes at night. I might state I generally sent out my cart often that way, and that at the time there were not many remarks passed on it going up.

13464 During the time they were in the cave, and you were supplying them with provisions, did you hear any remarks made that would lead you to suppose it was known they were there?— I never heard the slightest remarks. I do not believe it was known they were there.

13465 You knew they were there?— I did. I might say, before going any further, that I do not wish my name to appear at all in the papers over this affair, because I have lost a good deal over it already. What I did all along was because of my friend Detective Ward, whom I have known for nineteen years.

13466 I suppose you supplied provisions to the police just in the way of business?— I have supplied the police for ten years.

13467 This was nothing extraordinary?— No.

13468 How would it affect you through the sympathizers?— Yes, there are plenty of them about here now saying I was helping the police. I am not one of those that is very much frightened about that sort of thing, but you may put it in this way, that it does not look well for a business man.

13469 But I presume you would have supplied anybody in the same way?— Yes. I am quite prepared to tell you anything at all that I can.

13470 Were you supplying the police when they were in Aaron Sherritt's house?— Yes.

13471 You were aware the police were there all the time?— I was.

13472 Did you hear any rumour or any expression at all that would lead you to suppose that anybody else knew except those directly interested?— No, I never heard nor suspected that it was found out at all.

13473 At what times did you take the provisions to Aaron Sherritt's place?— Well, it was generally in the daytime, but, at that time and since, I was sending my cart down to that place, and was supplying nine or ten families down there, so there was no remark about my going there.

13474 Do you think it was possible people would notice your going to Aaron Sherritt 's?— I do not believe it. I never heard anything to lead me to that conclusion. I had sent things for himself before, and I was supplying other families within a quarter of a mile of the place. In fact, if I had no goods for him I used to get the boy to call at other places, and always covered over what he had in the cart, in order that it would not be seen. I got orders from Mr. Ward to keep it as secret as possible, and it was my interest to do so

13475 Do you know anything of the Chinese storekeeper on the Buckland who is said to have supplied provisions to the Kellys ?— No.

13476 Had you at any time any information with reference to the outlaws, whether they were out in the country?— I have had information several times from Sherritt who was shot. He brought information to me for Detective Ward, simply because he was frightened to be seen speaking to Ward, and he often came to myself and left messages, which I conveyed to Ward, and never told to anybody else.

13477 Did they ever turn out any good?— Yes, I believe a great many things he told me were proved to be true after.

13478 Did he tell them within a reasonable time, so that the police could act upon them?— I never knew him tell anything that there was not action taken on as soon after as possible.....

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