The Argus at KellyGang 2/5/1871

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(full text transcription)

When Edward Kelly, an old accomplice of Power, the bushranger, was taken before the Wangaratta Police Court a few days ago, the evidence showed that a very severe struggle had taken place between him and Constable Hall, who captured him. The latter stated— I saw Kelly at Greta, and told him I wanted him at the camp. I told him I had some receipts. I induced him to come to the camp to sign them, on the ground that the authorities at Beechworth Gaol had forgotten to get him to sign them. He said, "Bring them out" I said, "No; you can't write here. Come inside. He turned the horse round to go away, and I caught hold of him to pull him down from the horse. He jumped down, his clothes gave way, and he bolted. I followed him, and took my revolver out of the case, and told him three times to stand, or I would shoot him. I presented it and he told me to shoot away, and be d—d. He then stoped his ground to fight. He turned round sharp, and hit me with his fist. My revolver missed fire, and I then struck him on the head with it five times. It seemed to have very little effect on him. He caught hold of the muzzle of the revolver, and turned it round on me, and said, "Now I'll let you have it." After a considerable struggle, some people came to my assistance, and we got him to the lock-up.



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