The Argus at KellyGang 31/5/1879

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(full text transcription)

The Government analyst has furnished a report to the Government on some articles submitted to his examination in connexion with the Monk inquiry. He states that the bullet removed from Monks saddle is marked at the broad end as though it had been more than once struck by some hard instrument having a netted surface such as the face of some hammers. "The hole in Monk's saddle when examined by a magnifying glass Mr Johnson says. "appears to have been cut by a sharp instrument about half way round and afterwards enlarged by a blunt instrument, as the remainder of the edge is more or less ragged. The hole is also much larger than the hole made by a shot in the saddle marked 'A' be longing to the police as well as differing from it in character. The flap remains over the hole in Monk's saddle and does not offer any appearance of indentation in its centre, as I should have expected to find if the hole was made by a shot. Round the hole in Monks saddle I scraped off a little black powder, which was all alkaline to test paper, gave a precipitate of chloride of barium, and forms numerous crystals with tartaric acid, proving the presence of sulphur in a condition precisely similar to that produced by the ex plosion of gunpowder."


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