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Walter Lynch

Walter Lynch

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With the KellyGang I convicted of writing a threatening letter to Edward Monk after the deaths of the police at Wombat Creek. They said that the letter was written by me. I dont think they had any handwriting expert, they said that it looked like my writting. After being held for about 4 months I was sentenced to 2 years gaol for the following letter.

To E Monk

You think you have done a grate thing by serching for the traps, but you made a great mistake for your friend Kennedy is gone although we made him confess many things you told him in confidence and we heard you say you could track us and our horses, but we will track you to hell but what we will have you. We will make your place a Government camp when we come, and give them some more bodeys to pack. What a fine thing it is to cut their ears off, but we will poke your eyes out. Yours until we meet,

E and D Kelly

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