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20 September 1911

(full text transcription)


ALONE WITH BYRNE IN THE HUT continued "Let's have a game of crib, then," said Byrne.

We had no scoring board, but I suggested scoring with a pencil, which plan was adopted.

"Let's have another nip before we start," said Byrne, helping himself as before, and passing the bottle to me. I said, "I won't trouble you for water; we'll both drink from the bottle," and putting my mouth to the bottle I pressed my tongue flat on the mouth of the bottle, and holding it there for some time I led the other to believe that I was taking a good drink.

"Well done," said Byrne, as I put the bottle down; "you can take it neat all right."

We played for half-a-sovereign a game, and the bushranger's luck was in the ascendancy, and when I was 'broke' he insisted on lending me another fiver. Producing the bag from the treasury he counted out the amount and threw the bag under the stretcher. I called his attention to the fact that he had not placed the money in its former place.

"What matters," said Byrne, "we've got plenty of the - stuff?

But what's the good of it when a fellow hasn't got his liberty?"

"But you have your liberty in the ranges."

"Yes, but let them once catch me out of them and I'm a goner."

We resumed our play, and it was evident that the quantity of liquor Byrne had consumed as affecting his brain. He had played well at the commencement of the bout, but he soon lost interest in the game, and eventually threw down the cards, and picked up the bottle, which was empty.

"Never mind," said Byrne. "I'll get another," and leaving me alone, went out and returned with another bottle of whisky.

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