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Date Type From To About Location
13/6/1855 Letter Moore     rc1601
23/6/1855   MacMahon     rc1601
14/8/1855   MacMahon     rc1601
27/4/1860   Standish     rc1601
22/6/1870   MacCullock     rc1604
29/8/1878   Sadleir Standish   rc1755
8/10/1878   Secretan     rc1727
24/10/1878   Secretan     rc1727
30/10/1878 Letter Nicolson Brook Smith What are you doing, searching? rc17525
31/10/1878 Telegram Pewtress Standish News of deaths Age1/11/78
31/10/1878     Graves News of Murders rc15493
31/10/1878 Telegram Lynch Detective Office Kelly's at Baumgarten's Age1/11/78
31/10/1878 Telegram Kitchen   Report of Kennedy's death Age1/11/78
31/10/1878 Telegram from Mansfield   Search party to find Kennedy Age1/11/78
31/10/1878 Telegram        
3/11/1878   agent police citing rc1972
4/11/1878 Tekegram Brook Smith Sadleir Operational matters rc17309
9/11/1878 Memo Nicolson Brook Smith search party instructions rc17534
19/11/1878 Letter       rc679
11/12/1878 Telegram James   Report of search party rc15508
  Telegram Maud Pewtress Report of search party rc15509


17/2/1879 Telegram     Qld trackers rc9829
3/1879 Orders Qld Govt   Orders given to O'Connor by Qld Govt rc12039
29/3/1879 Letter O'Connor   Report on progress rc12565
6/6/1879 Letter O'Connor Seymour Report onprogress rc12565.2
16/6/1879 Letter Sec of Lands Tanner forclosure rc3553
2/8/79 Letter Nicolson   Reductions in strengths rcAppend14
2/8/79 Letter Sadleir   Reductions in strengths rcAppend14
4/8/1879   Nicolson     rc873
4/8/1879 Letter O'Connor Seymour Report on progress rc12565.3
22/8/1879 Letter O'Connor Seymour Report on progress, Lancefeild rc12565.4
26/8/1879 Report Ward   Wallace; reward for Joe Burne rc14773
30/9/1879 Letter Nicolson   Sadlier's telegrams rc744
4/9/1879 Report agent Nicolson   rc13855
4/9/1879 Report Ward   On Wallace, Sherritt & Joe Byrne rc14791
19/9/1879 Letter Wallace Nicolson Ward at ploughing match rc14646
10/11/1879 Report Nicolson   Insp Brook Smith rc16233
12/11/1879 Letter Wallace     rc14658
13/11/1879 Memo Nicolson     rc15751









Outlawry Proclamation



14/12/1879 Letter O'Connor Seymour Report on progress rc12565.6
29/12/1879   Ward Barry letter rc7964
15/1/1880 Letter       rc862
17/2/1880 Letter Wallace   Repot on his school rc15081
26/2/1880 Letter       rc885
31/3/1880 Letter Nicolson     rc17224
2/4/1880 Report Const Barry   report on cave party

2nd "







2/4/1880 Report Const Faulkiner   Report on cave part rc13572
2/4/1880 Report SConst Mullane   Response to Const Barry rc13571



2/4/1880 Report Nicolson Ward Response to reports rc13857
19/4/1880 Letter Murphy? Graves critisim of police rc14829


26/4/1880 Letter   Nicolson   rc296
5/5/1880   Standish     rc15929


19/5/1880 Letter Standish Nicolson Queensland trackers rc915


20/5/1880 Letter Balfour   diseased stock rc755
28/5/1880 Letter Standish   Nicolson Hare hand over rc1436
1/6/1880 Telegram Nicolson Ward Byrne's rc13860
2/6/1880 Letter O'Connor Seymour Report on progress rc12562.5
6/6/1880   Standish Nicolas   rc1592
6/6/1880 Letter O'Connor Seymour Report on progress rc12562.6
20/6/1880 Letter Sherritt J Hare Joe Byrne sleeps in hay stack rc5124


23/6/1880 Memo Armstrong Hare   rc1516
23/6/1880 Memo Ward Hare   rc1516
24/6/1880 Memo Hare     rc1516
27/6/1880 Letter Standish O'Connor Sherritt killed, come back rcAppend2
28/6/1880 Telregram Hare Standish News of seige at Glenrowan rc11861
30/6/1880 Letter       rc886
30/6/1880 Letter Governor Standish congratulations rc1204
30/6/1880 Letter Governor Hare congratulations rc1604


30/6/1880 Letter Nicolson Chief Sec Calling for an inquiry rcAppend2
1/7/1880 Letter O'Connor Seymour Report on seige at Glenrowan rc12565.7
2/7/1880   Standish Hare congratulations rc1604
2/7/1880 Letter Standish O'Connor congratulations rc1204
5/7/80 Report Falkiner      
5/7/1990 Letter Standish Chief Sec Call for inquiry rcAppendix2
8/7/1880 Letter Kirkham O'Connor Glenrowan seige rc11808
9/7/1880 Letter Ramsay Qld Govt   rc1204
15/7/1880 Letter Seymour O'Connor Questions o'Connor's report of seige rc12565.8
19/7/1880 Letter O'Connor Seymour reply to rc12565.8 rc12565.9
19/7/1880 Letter Carrington   congratulations rc1604
24/7/1880 Letter Nicolson Commissioner Call for Inquiry rc Append2
12/8/1880 Letter Standish Chomley Standish did not mean to criticise rcAppend17
12/8/1880 Letter O'Connor Chief Sec Call for inquiry rcAppend2
27/8/1880 Report Sadlier   SConst Kelly , promotion recommendation rc8575
29/8/1880 Affidavit Rev E Rodda   At Glenrowan rc17786a
7/9/1880 Letter O'Connor Commissioner Report of what happened rcAppend2
16/9/1880 Report SConst Kelly




On being transferred to Greta

report on SConst Kelly



18/9/1880 Memo Sadleir   SConst Kelly at Greta rc15949
21/10/1880 Affidavit John Sherritt   dealing with police & KellyGang rc15216
13/12/1880 Report Dowsett   to reward board rc9261
5/4/1881 Letter   Graves Euroa robbery rc15494
22/4/1881   Sadlier Chomley Situation report rc9862
26/4/1881 Report Graham   Threat of another outbreak rc9870
1/5/1881 Report Chomley   State of North East rcAppend4
2/5/1881 Letter Perkins Graves lost selection rc15517
9/5/1881 Letter Mrs Sherritt Armstrong Truth of Mrs Barry's evidence rc12222
13/5/1881 Report Gasgoine   On his time at Glenrowan rc9674
27/5/1881 Report Steele   possible making of more armour rc9870
25/5/1881 Letter Standish Williams Taking Government documents away rc9841
26/5/1881 Report Const Elloitt   Threat of another outbreak rc9870
27/5/1881 Report Baber   Threat of another out break rc9870
25/5/1881 Report Sadleir   Queensland trackers rc11996
31/5/1881 Letter Const Armstrong Nicolson party at Aaron Sherritt's rc12271
5/6/1881 Report Whelan   Trackers rc10998
6/6/1881 Report Kirkham   Quality of Queensland trackers rc10998
20/6/1881 Letter Standish Commission Correspondence from Qld rc12080
31/8/1881 StatDec Ramsay   Reward Board , support for Hare rc16317A
3/9/1881 Letter Mr Sherritt Snr Royal Commission response, Mrs Nicolson's visit rc17248
5/9/1881 Affidavit Nicolas   capture of Power rc16899
5/9/1881 Affidavit Kirwan   agent rc16863
5/9/1881 Affidavut Fegan   State of police at depot rc16907
6/9/1881 Affidavit Steele   Search party Richard Hart rc16907
7/9/1881 Affidavit O'Connor   Hand over Nicolson to Hare rc16907A
7/9/1881 Affidavit Gorman   policeman not able to ride rc16907B
13/9/1881 Letter Mrs Nicolson   Reason for trip to Beechworth rc17590
14/9/1881 Affidavit Dodd   refute letter, John Sherritt rc17590
14/9/1881 Affidavit Mr Sherritt Snr   response to letter from John Sherritt rc17590
16/9/1881 Affidavit Dr Nicoholson   At Glenrowan seige rc17786a
16/9/1881 Affidavit Phillips   At Glenrowan, Ned Kelly, Joe Byrne rc17786
16/9/1881 Affidavit Hare   Diseased Stock Agent rc17786
19/9/1881 Affidavit Fitzgerald   Wallace rc17786
26/9/1881 Report Nicolson   Response to Hare's Report rcAppend12
14/10/81 Letter Sadleir police Critical of Rawlins evidence rcAppend16
14/10/81 Affidavit Rwalins   Evidence rcAppend16