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Meet the authors and reseachers

of the



'KellyGang and Friends Incorporated ' is a not for profit organisation that is committed to letting the KellyGang ride free by setting out the stories of the people, places, things and events that make the full story.


Most of the material on this web site has been licensed to KellyGang and Friends Incorporated' ' and is subject to copyright. We welcome the use of this material for research purposes with acknowledgement, but it may not be used for commercial gain without specific authority from the copyright owner.


A large number of sources have been used to create this site including the writings of the KellyGang, police records, the Royal Commission's papers, contemporary newspapers and letters and books including:

Contemporary material

Author Title Publisher
  Life of The Kellys (Argus19/3/79)  
CH Chomley The True Story of the Kelly Gang of Bushrangers Fraser & Jenkinson
GW Hall The KellyGang  
[[#Hare|]] Hare The Last of the Bushrangers Hurst & Blackett
  Iron Ned Kelly and his gang, a personal history of Australia's most notorious bushrangers and a record of their most eventful career of highway robbery, horse stealing, romance and murder Modern Publishing Company
  The Book of Keli, or the Chronicles of the Kelly Pursuers. (Argus27/9/79)  
  Royal Commission Report  
John Sadleir, Recollections of a Victoria Police Officer George Robertson & Co
John Singleton Incidence in a Life of a Physician Hutchinson

Modern authors

Author Title Publisher
Damar Balearek & G Dean Ned and the Others Glen Rowen Cobb & Co
Damar Balearek & G Dean Ellen Kelly Glen Rowen Cobb & Co
Alex Brierly An illustrated history of the Kelly gang Melbourne University Press
Max Brown Australian son Angus and Robertson
Frank Clune The Kelly hunters Angus and Robertson
WH Fitchett Ned Kelly and his gang Fitchett Bros
Tom Griffiths Beechworth An Australian Country Town and its Past Greenhouse Publications
Keith Dunstan Saint Ned Methuen
Jones Graham Memories of Oxley Charquin Hill
Ian Jones Ned Kelly, a short life Lothian Books
Ian Jones The Friendship that Destroyed Ned Kelly Lothian Books
JJ Kenneally The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and their Pursuers  
Nancy Kessing The Kelly Gang Ure Smith
Muriel McGivern Big Camp Wahgunyah Selwyn
Keith McMenomy Ned Kelly the Authentic Illustrated Story Currey O'Neil
John McQuilton 1878-1880, the geographical dimension of social banditry Thames and Hudson
Robert Melville Ned Kelly 27 paintings by Sidney Nolan  
John Meredith and Bill Scott Ned Kelly, after a century of acrimony Landsdowne Press
Clive Turnbuill Kellyana Hawthorn Press

Please note that this list is by no means complete nor does it make any recommendation about the quality of any book