The Complete Inner History of the KellyGang and their Pursuers (92)

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The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and their Pursuers Index JJ Kenneally

I meet the main characters in the story
II The Fitzpatrick episode
III Trial at Beechworth
IV The battle of Stringybark Creek
V The search for the bodies
VI A declaration of war -Euroa
VII The police in pursuit
VIII The spy industry
IX Sympathisers
X Robbing the bank at Jerilderie
XI The spies
XII Supt. Hare in charge
XIII Joining the Benedicts
XIV The Armour and ammunition
XV Formulating a campaign policy. Sherritt sentenced to death
XVI Sherritt executed
XVII Glenrowan
XVIII Evidence
XIX The hero of Glenrowan
XX The charred bodies
XXI Distribution of £8,000 blood money
XXII Schedules

This document gives you the text of this book about the KellyGang. The text has been retyped from a copy of the original. We have taken care to reproduce this document but areas of the original text may been damaged. We also apologise for any typographical errors. JJ Kenneally was one of the first authors to tell this story from the KellyGang's point of view

The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and their Pursuers