Alexandra Times at KellyGang 13/11/1875

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(full text transcription)


(From Our Own Correspondent)

A new industry is now being started between Gobur and Longwood in the shape of a bark crushing mill. Mr W Black, of Middle Creek, and others are the promoters. I believe there is a large quantity of bark now ready for the mill.

I regret to hear that Mr John Cook, of this place, who some time ago went bail for Wm. Goodier, stands to lose something like £30 through his good intentions towards an unworthy man, who did not appear before the Supreme Court, to which he had appealed from the Court of Petty Sessions.

Snakes are getting plentiful. Mrs Wm. Black, of Middle Creek, had it very narrow escape, a fortnight back, from bring bitten by one of these reptiles, about four feet long, which by some means managed to coil itself round her legs. The good wife, however appears to have had sufficient presence of mind and moral courage to get rid of her very unwelcome visitor in as quiet a manner as possible without sustaining the slightest injury other than a slight shock to the nervous system.

Addis and party are preparing for the erection of machinery. The poppet-heads are now completed, and the arrival of the engine from Longwood is daily expected. The erection of the Just in Time plant (Cummings and Co) is now in process.

The Triumph Tribute for last fortnight had 21oz

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