Alexandra Times at KellyGang 16/7/1869

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A ball and supper at the Harp of Erin Hotel. this week, was numerously attended and everything went of with the greatest harmony. The proprietor of the hotel, Mr P Campbell, is a long resident in the district, and much respected. His friends were resolved. to, make this entertainment a success.

A very successful opening ball was given at the Freemasons' Hotel. The arrangements were all that could be desired, and the attendance numerous.

Two large boilers and other portions of machinery for the Sons of Freedom Co. were landed on the ground this week. This looks like a determination to, carry on the work with vigor. The carriage, of the machinery from Melbourne to Godfrey's was £500.

The yield from the Working Miners' during the past week has been very good. The exact amount is not known.

The road between this place and the crossing at Home Creek is in a frightful condition. The Road Board should see about getting something done towards making a road along the ranges as another day's rain will make the road along this flat utterly impassable.

Stores, and. new buildings are rising rapidly, and notwithstanding a little dullness, the place goes on improving fast in outward appearance. The great event of the future is the coming election on the 20th instant. There is not much difference of opinion as to who will be elected, but there is considerable speculation as to the candidate who will be at the top of the poll.

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