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(To the Editor of the Alexandra Times.)

Six,- A paragraph appeared in your Gobur news columns of Saturday last, referring to an entertainment given some 15 months ago for the purpose of purchasing prizes for the children attending the Gobur State school, and condemning in very strong terms, the conduct of the club in withholding so long the children's money from its legitimate purpose. As a member of that illustrious club, I have tried my best to get the money expended for the purpose intended by the subscribers, but I have found it absolutely impossible to draw it from the iron grasp of the treasurer, Mr Baker. My impression is - and that impression has been strengthened after repeated interviews with Mr Baker on the subject - that it will require a herculean hand to get it from the treasurer. I hold, Mr Editor, that it is a most disgraceful and contemptible proceeding-holding entertainments ostensibly for beneficiary purposes, and, apparently at least, appropriating the proceeds of such entertainment to one s own use. The club should never have kept the money, and as soon as the entertainment was over it should have handed over the money to the local School Board of Advice. The net proceeds belonged to the children, and the children alone, and who was more competent to attend to the purchasing of prizes and their distribution than the Board of Advice? As a man having honorable institute and believing in honorable dealing, I sincerely hope that something will soon be done to rescue the Gobur club from sinking into irrevocable disgrace. If not, we deserve all the reprobation which it is in your Gobur correspondent's power to bestow upon us.

Yours &c.,


Gobur, August 10, 1875.

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