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Mr Wyatt, the newly appointed Warden for the Wood's Point district, has commenced his duties. That this gentleman was the principal founder of the Melbourne Yorick Club speaks well for his past career, and is about the best guarantee that could be given that he will make an efficient War den and a great acquisition to the district in which he may reside.

Mr James Doran's coach to Schoolhouse Lane bids fair to become a success. He has had more passengers than he could accommodate on the downward journey. We understand that he is not to have the business all his own way, as Cobb and Co. have arranged for starting one of their coaches at an early date.


A large and influential public meeting was held at the Reefers' Hotel, Gobur, on, Saturday evening last., on which occasion two memorials were adopted and signed by those present-one addressed to the Post master-General, praying that Longwood be made the point of divergence for the contemplated extension of telegraphic communication via Gobur to Alexandra, instead of Seymour via Yea to Alexandra. The reasons put forward as to why Longwood should be chosen seem cogent, and to all but the very prejudiced convincing. They were briefly us follows - The distance from Seymour to Alexandra is 52 miles, over a rough country, and often inundated. rendering the line difficult of construction and costly. The £2000, which had, been voted would not be nearly sufficient for the purpose. The distance between Longwood and, Alexandra via Gobur is 32 miles, over a gently undulating country, presenting every facility for the cheap and rapid construction of the line. The road between Gobur and Longwood is cleared, and fit for wheel traffic. There are 40 miles of single wire now stored at Longwood, the use of which would of course save the cost of carriage, and prevent waste of time. Longwood has a double or repeating battery, whist Seymour has only a single one. These were the principal reasons shown in the memorial, which was forwarded direct from Gobur to the Postmaster-General.

The following resolutions were unanimously adopted:-

1. That the inhabitants of Gobur and Godfrey's Greek having heard that it is the intention of the Government to extend telegraphic communication from Seymour to Jamieson via Alexandra, would respectfully request the Postmaster-General to choose Longwood as the point of divergence in preference to Seymour - Longwood to Jamieson via Gobur and Alexandra being much the shorter route, and much less expensive in construction.

2. That our local Council members be requested to bring this matter before the Alexandra Shire Council, at the next general meeting, and to request their immediate co operation and support.

3. That the memorial now read, addressed to the Postmaster-General, be adopted by this meeting, signed by those present, and forwarded without delay.

There seems to be also some show of reason in asking the Minister of Railways and Roads to have the road between Longwood and Merton via Gobur proclaimed a main road without delay. It will have been observed that the Mansfield Shire Council have asked for a survey of the two roads - that from Merton to Longwood by way of their celebrated Big Hill, and also that by way of Gobur. There can be little doubt as to the choice which will be made when the enormous expense of cutting down the Big Hill is considered.

The following resolutions bearing on the subject were also, unanimously. adopted: -

1. That the residents of Gobur and Godfrey's Creek have given their time, labor, and money to accomplish the clearing of the road between Gobur and Longwood, un aided by the Alexandra Shire Council. That as the said road is now available for wheel traffic, and used for that purpose, and that as a comparatively small outlay, would make this road a good and pleasant one for both winter and summer use, they feel justified in urging upon the Hon. the Minister of Roads and Railways the request that it be at once proclaimed a main road, and that it may be surveyed, formed, and improved in time for the opening of the North-Eastern Railway to Longwood.

2. That the Alexandra Shire Council be. requested respectfully, but, firmly, to attend, to our wish in respect of the cleared road between Gobur and Longwood, and to communicate to the Minister of Railways and Roads the desirability of having the said road proclaimed a main road forthwith.

3. That the memorial now read, addressed, to the Minister of Railways and Roads, be adopted and signed by this meeting, and at once forwarded.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman terminated the proceedings.

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